Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1. I am a bisexual man in my late twenties. I currently am in a relationship with another man.

2. The man I am together with is my first same-sex partner. We've been together for about half a year now.

3. Before that, I was in a relationship with a woman, but she broke up with me.

4. I always fantasized about sex with men, but I didn't try it as long as I was in a relationship. When I am in a relationship, I am law-abiding and do not cheat on my partner.

5. When my last girlfriend broke up with me, I decided to try sex with men. I started an affair with the guy I am together with now. We met each other online. It was only sex, no feelings, no kissing. We met, fucked and left each other. It went like this for some months.

6. With time, our relationship changed and we started talking and having a few beers after sex. I guess we developed something like a friendship-plus, but the  plus was there before the friendship was.

7. One day after work, he called me and asked me if I'd like to come over. We sat in his flat and had some beers, when he suddenly sat over next to me and kissed me. I was really surprised, but I somehow liked it. It may sound strange, but even though we were making out for several months, I never really thought that our relationship could turn this way. However, the night that followed had the most intense sex I ever had. Since then, we've been a couple.

8. I am a bottom. I enjoy getting fucked, but I don't care that much about fucking actively. I also like receiving a blowjob. Giving head is OK to me. I like it to feel how much pleasure I can give that way. Sometimes I enjoy swallowing come, but that really depends on my mood. Usually I swallow when he is coming into my mouth. When I had sex with girls I always loved it when they swallowed, so I do now, too.

9. I can orgasm from passive anal sex. The orgasms I get this way are so much better than the ones I get from stimulating my penis. I don't come every time, mostly because it takes quite long to get me stimulated enough that I can come.

10. My preferences match my boyfriend's quite well. He doesn't like getting fucked that much. So he definitely is the more active party in bed. I've only fucked him two or three times.

11. My favorite position is riding cowboy-style,  with my boyfriend sitting. I like the penetration that way. Unfortunately, I don't come that way. To bring me to an orgasm, missionary position is the best. So our sex mostly ends in this position.

12. I really love making out. I could spend hours just kissing and touching each other's bodies - it nonetheless always leads to sex in the end anyway. I also really enjoy undressing each other slowly.

13. Since my partner and I are both working a lot, we don't have sex really regularly. Sometimes we don't see each other for a week or more, even if we live in the same town. Despite that, we mostly do it three or four times in a row when we meet each other after some time.

14. We do not live like a couple in public. But it's not like we are hiding it. If someoe asks me I say that I have a boyfriend but I do not deal with it offensively. I guess my boyfriend does it the same way. If we stay together longer, we may change it one day, but for now this is perfectly fine.

15. I like porn. In many ways. I like watching it. and also reading hentai manga. My favorite genres with manga are yaoi (gay) and yuri (lesbian). When it comes to porn movies, my favorite genres change from time to time. Most of the time it is amateur porn. I like to watch normal people doing it and not professionals.

16. My favorite porn genre for a long time was she-male sex. Recently I started watching lesbian sex. Generally everything turns me on that is playing with gender roles and crossing them.

17. What I really like about sex with girls is the taste of their vagina and their breasts. I really enjoy licking a girl and touching her breasts and playing with them.

18.  I don't care much about BDSM. I think I would try it if my partner wanted to, but neither giving nor receiving pain turns me on. Some spanking during sex is OK, but i don't like it too much.

19. I usually prefer slow sex. I like when I can touch my partner and enjoy the intensity of feeling him inside. Sometimes rough sex really turns me on, but those cases are rare. I also like it when my partner comes inside me and then leaves his penis inside for some moments until it almost slips out on its own.

20. We've only done it without a condom for some weeks now. We got ourselves tested before we decided to do it without. I've never slept with someone without a condom without being tested first. I am quite afraid of AIDS and other STDs.

21. I do not identify as a cross-dresser, but sometimes I wear woman's underwear. I like the feeling of it on the skin, and the cute looks. I posses a few pieces, mostly tangas and strings, most of them open-crotch. I enjoy sex still wearing the underwear a lot.

22. Some days I've gone out with woman's underwear on. I enjoy the feeling that no one knows what you are wearing underneath. But I'm too shy to do it very often. Mostly I wear the panties underneath boxers.

23. In general, lingerie is a real turnon for me. I like that you cannot see the things you like to, but you need to imagine.

24. My affection for female underwear is somehow strange, since I am a very manly guy, judging by looks.

25. I like to try sex toys. I have a dildo, but I didn't use it for some time. The first thing on my list will be a butt plug. I was also talking with my boyfriend about a cock ring to intensify his orgasms.