Thursday, November 29, 2012

1. I am a straight (ish) cisgender 20-year-old female.

2. I say straight-ish because I have had sex with a woman, but I would like to explore that part of myself more before making any conclusions.

3. I have had six sexual partners, five males and one female.

4. I fantasize a lot about scissoring. I love the thought of two wet vaginas rubbing against one another.

5. Even though I identify as mostly straight, I really like lesbian porn. Partially because of them eating each other out, a large part because it looks like both parties are actually enjoying themselves. Maybe in the future, I will pay to become a member of a feminist porn site. I think that would be really fucking cool.

6. I really really really love being eaten out. All my sexual partners have enjoyed giving me head or have wanted to give me head. I think that it would be a dealbreaker if a partner didn't like oral sex.

7. One of my best sexual relationships was with a guy with whom I never engaged in oral sex or PIV sex. I still fantasize about him a lot and I really hope we have sex in the future.

8. I love hearing myself moan. It gives me goosebumps.

9. I love oral piercings. They are really fun to play with while I'm making out with someone. I've kissed someone with a vertical labret piercing and with a tongue piercing.

10. I think pierced nipples are super hot and I really want to get my own pierced.

11. I think I'm a little fat, but I don't really care. If you're not into my body, obviously you don't need to see me naked.

12. I'm still trying to figure out what gets me off. I want to work up to having orgasms where I can't move. I love grinding motions and that often helps me get off. 

13. Something that really turns me on is rubbing against a hard dick. I love feeling our bodies rub against one another.

14. I have a major thing for Jewish boys. Or just boys with dark hair in general.

15. One of my proudest moments was when I got eaten out in the dorm showers at my college. Another one was hooking up with my figure model after drawing him naked. It was a dominance trip in a way, because he was naked for me. It was pretty hot being clothed and having him naked.

16. As much as I like receiving head, I love giving head too. I like to share pleasure.

17. I would love to be tied up during sex. I am interested in the bondage and domination aspects of BDSM, but I'm kind of afraid of the pain parts. That's not to say that I don't like rough sex, however. I'd get really bored if we just "made love" all the time.

18. I am interested in being dominant and being submissive. I need different things at different times.

19. I have only had PIV sex twice with one partner. He was my first boyfriend. We were together for six months. I still feel guilty about that relationship because I feel like I was in it for the wrong reasons, namely just to have a boyfriend. He was pretty misogynistic and could be very manipulative at times. He would spend a lot of time trying to convince me to do more than I was comfortable with. This is why I'm waiting until I'm extremely comfortable with someone to have PIV sex. It doesn't necessarily need to be a boyfriend; I can think of some friends I'd probably have PIV sex with.

20. I like to cuddle, but I don't really like to spoon while I sleep. I feel the need to move around.

21. Anal sex is an interesting prospect, but it makes me anxious because of the poop. I am slightly OCD when it comes to germs, and I don't want poop somewhere I'm gonna put my mouth or whatever. Same goes with pee. If you're into that, that's OK--I'm just not really into it.

22. I really like hickies. Especially if they're on the insides of my legs or on my breasts. It really turns me on to look at them and remember how I got them.

23. I don't really need to be penetrated at this point to get off (this may change).

24. There were naked pictures of me for someone's senior art project in our college's library. I felt anxious about this at first, but then I found it to be extremely empowering.

25. Finally, I love biting. Biting is really fun for me. But you have to not just chomp down. That hurts and isn't sexy for me.