Monday, December 3, 2012

1. I'm a 42-year-old male.

2. I've been married for 13 years and 100% faithful. I surprised myself - until meeting my wife I wasn't good at being faithful. I didn't mean any harm, I just liked fucking.

3. We've had periods of lots of sex, and periods with very little. Daily masturbation gets me through the slow times.

4. On average, I've orgasmed every day since I was 15.

5. I've had days where I've orgasmed 10 times. Things got a bit sore, but it was worth it.

6. Until doing this, I've never counted sexual partners, but it would be 40ish.

7. I was very lucky with my partners--most of them were great in the sack. I don't claim credit for their performances, but I had some sensational times.

8. I don't understand how people could "save themselves" for one person.

9. I dated a girl who was terrible in bed. I had no idea someone could have so little idea/interest in sex. The relationship ended abruptly.

10. I can last as long as I like, or come as quickly as I like. It's about a moment, being in it, or being a little detached from it.

11. When I was younger blowjobs didn't make me orgasm.

12.  In my early 20's, when a girl did get me to orgasm by giving me head, it blew me away so much it scared me off them.

13. My wife gives me great blow jobs. It's making me hard right now thinking about them, and I'm at work.

14. Nothing makes me hornier than a partner coming.

15. I loved partners who were comfortable in their own skin. I love seeing a girl masturbate to orgasm if I couldn't help them get there.

16.  Little catches of breath, quivers and shivers. Nothing better.

17. A partner showed me how to go down on her. It was a set of explicit (no pun intended) instructions. Lick here and insert two fingers now. The intensity of her orgasm made me orgasm, with no hands or touching--the first and only time that's ever happened.

18. There's nothing that I really hunger for. I once was offered anal, but declined. I've thought about that offer quite a bit, mentally it turns me on because of the taboo thing, but reality might not match up.

19. I fantasize about old partners a lot when masturbating. Special things stick in your mind.

20. My fantasies are matching my age. I don't get horny over younger women, I fantasize over women about the same age as me. Women in their 40s always made me hot. In my mid 20s I had 2 relationships with women 10 years older than me. They were super horny.

21. My wife fantasizes lots during sex. I like to hear about them afterwards. They're cool fantasies, and nothing that I would ever think of.

22. We've never thought about role-playing them.

23. Outdoor = good (and naughty).

24. I like all sex. In bed naked together is as good as pants 'round her knees standing in the hallway.

25. I love lingerie, but my tastes change. Currently it's panties that show lots of bum cheek underneath and look very soft. I'm not sure whats going on in my head either, but I like my own tastes.