Saturday, January 12, 2013

1. I’m a 22-year-old mostly male from the UK who struggles to not be defined by gender roles. I’ve wished I was a girl for most of my life but have no intention on changing my body – if I can choose I’d rather be a girl with a penis.

2. I am more attracted to girls than boys (on about a 7:1) But I’m as happy to kiss boys as girls. I find androgyny attractive, alluring.

3. I’m not attracted unless they’re intelligent.

4. I have had sexual encounters with women and loved most and hated some.

5. I’ve yet to have a sexual encounter with a man or anyone genderqueer, but I do fantasize about many and sundry varieties.

6. I fall in love with people often and easily and these overlap. I genuinely don’t understand monogamy (though I practice it in respect of my partners if they want) because my love for one person has never been changed by my love for another, and I feel sexual desire for many, many different people.

7. Any dominance or submission would go as far as telling the other person what to do or being told what to do. It’d never include insults or demeaning language or aggression. As for pain - I have a very low tolerance. Some biting and the occasional fingernails, no more.

8. I would love to be between a man and a woman – this is one of my most common fantasies, as are threesomes in general.

9. I’ve never had sex outdoors and would love to, though I’ve had sex under a thunderstorm in an extension under skylights. The air was thick and the light was blue with brilliant white flashes. Incredible.

10. In the past I have been too concerned with trying to please my (female) partners and assumed that by giving to them constantly I am doing what they would most like. It’s been hard trying not to even though I understand nowadays how this simply isn’t true.

11. There is only one man who I think I would be comfortable enough to have sex with – so far.

12. Hairy is good, as is wet, and loud, and laughing. I love the taste of vaginas... mostly.

13. I like small kisses best, most of the time.

14. My nipples are really sensitive, to the point that it’s very rare that I enjoy people touching them, but this is getting better.

15. I really enjoy things touching my bottom, around and inside. It makes things feel satisfying and more - wholesome? I desperately want to be pegged. I like to receive head whilst lying down with two fingers on or just inside my anus (+ blindfold). Ditto for being wanked.

16. I love being bitten on the shoulder. This can be quite hard, particularly if it’s just as I’m coming.

17. I like being buried inside a vagina. I like having my tongue and mouth ground against - tiring! I like going down on a girl who’s lying down and having my arms wrapped up underneath both her legs and playing with her breasts. I love it if she holds my head and presses me in. I like being underneath someone. I like being held down.

18. I don’t like watching most porn, but I love photography of naked people of every shape and size.

19. I’ve given myself head before and I don’t enjoy it, because being bent over squashes your chest and means you can hardly breathe.

20. I have heard that most men need to stop having sex and have a break after they’ve come the first time, but mostly that’s not true for me. I come very quickly the first time after a while but afterwards can go as long as I need. With condoms it’s sometimes very hard to come. (But I always have safe sex until I’m in a very long relationship).

21. I like having sex on the floor. I like for a girl to be on top of me with my legs crossed and hers wrapped around me as I’m inside her.

22. I like being held from behind. When I sleep next to someone, I like to have pressure on my groin – either with it pressed against them or with them holding my cock.

23. If woken in the middle of the night I can be horny to the point of confusion – like, I don’t know, there’s not enough blood in my head to think.

24. Whenever I’ve had sex "doggy-style" I’ve wanted to laugh. I feel like I’m a bear or lion somehow and it feels wonderful and silly.

25. The best sex includes laughter.