Monday, January 7, 2013

1. I am a 50-year old heterosexual male.

2. I was VERY socially awkward when I was young, and this included my relationships with women. Or, to put it another way, I was a real jerk.

3. Fortunately for me, I was a very athletic, good-looking young man, and many young women were attracted to me. So I had many opportunities to learn not to be such a jerk.

4. I have had sex of some sort (that is, some deliberate, consensual, erotic contact with the genitals) with 33 women. Yes, I have a list.

5. I had oral sex with almost all of those women, and full intercourse with about half of them. Only one of the was a one-night stand.

6. 30 of those women were in a period of 8 years, when I was between 20 and 30 years old. 10 of them were in the year before I met number 31.

7. One of them was 10 years older than me. One of them was six years younger than me.

8. I "lost my virginity" with number 3. I was 22 years old at the time.

9. Only one of my sexual relationships lasted more than a few months.

10. I have been living (unmarried) with number 31 for over 20 years now. Our sex life was very satisfactory for about 12 years, but there has been a lot of frustration for me over the past 8 years. Untill recently, we still had sex about once a week, and it was nice, but became rather routine.

11. We are both in very good health and very fit. She is still very attractive to me. But, for the past year, I have had difficulty getting and maintaining erections in sex with her. Viagra does not help much. I have begun to wonder if I have become too accustomed to her and wonder if I would react differently with a different woman.

12. Number 32 was in a foursome with number 31 and another couple. That was a very long time ago. We haven't done anything like that for over 15 years now.

13. We had several encounters with that couple. There was never any PIV sex across couples, but we touched and licked each other's partners, including my lover sucking the other man while I fucked her.

14. I found I enjoyed sex with the other woman... but was very uncomfortable kissing her (she asked me to).

15. Number 33 was the only time I ever cheated on number 31. It was a threesome with a couple while on business trip away from home. There was no male-male sex involved, just the two of us men giving her many orgasms. I did not fuck the woman or go down on her or kiss her... but I did finger her to several orgasms. She sucked me while being fucked by her husband, and took pride in swallowing my semen. It was fun, and I do not regret it.

16. That threesome was my only "one-night stand." Every other person I had sex with was someone that I had met at least once before or saw at least once after.

17. I am not homophobic. I have nothing against gays and some male-on-male porn very erotic. But the thought of kissing a man kind of grosses me out.

18. My favorite fantasy is a threesome with my partner and another man. I would love to go down on both of them while they fuck. She shows no real interest in this scenario, but I have not given up hope that we may actually do this some day.

19. Receiving oral sex is nice, but I would usually rather fuck. On the other hand, I love going down on a woman.

20. I'd like to try sucking a cock.

21. I have tried (giving) anal and don't much care for it. But I do like to lick my lover's anus (when it is freshly washed!).

22. I love nude beaches. Contrary to the "official nudist" philosophy, going to a nude beach is definitely a sexual experience for me. I love looking at all the naked bodies... mostly the women, but I can admire an exceptional male body too.

23. Fortunately for me, my lover of the past 20 years loves nude beaches too.

24. I spend many hours every week reading and watching porn of all sorts. I don't like most professional porn, but the quality of most amateur videos is terrible so I prefer amateur pictures and written porn.

25. I worry about the amount of time I spend browsing porn