Friday, January 18, 2013

1. I’m a 22-year-old female from western Europe. I am heterosexual with no homosexual/bisexual experiences so far. I have not felt any attraction to a woman, but i would like to kiss one in the future.

2. I have had 7 sexual partners with whom I’ve had the following relationships: one serious long-term relationship, two one-night stands, one short relationship and three fuck-buddies.

3. I lost my virginity at the age of seventeen with the guy that I had been dating for three months, my first boyfriend with whom I stayed for 3 years in a complicated, hard relationship. It hurt like a motherfucker and it took four tries to get his whole big penis into my hurting vagina. But he was so caring and respecting.

4. My boyfriend gave me my first two orgasms while we were dry humping. Of course, he was not aware of that and, at the time, I wasn’t either.

5. I fake it all the time. ALL the time. Very very rare are the cases in which men make me orgasm by penetration. I have told no one this until now. And even though I don’t cum, the sight of their eyes and the way their cocks push inside me when I fake it makes me want to crawl out of my skin with pleasure. I’m happy that way.

6. My first one-night stand happened while I was at the seaside. I got drunk, wandered on the beach and started looking for the first hot lonely guy. Chitchat this, chitchat that, next thing I know, I was dry humping him on the sand, my boobs were hanging outside my top and he was kissing and licking and growling like hell. Moments later we were in my tent. It was HORRIBLE. He went down on me and came right back up saying that I had a "sandy situation” down there. Yes. Dry humping on a beach gets you sand in all the wrong places. He was moving SO slowly I was going out of my mind. I kept urging him to move faster because I wanted wild, desperate, mind-blowing sex, but the joke was on me. He finished in 3 minutes. We met a few weeks later back in the city and started a short relationship. So he was not just a one-night stand. But the sex was still pretty bad and he was starting to get really involved. So I ended it.

7. I picked up my next one-night stand in a club. We went to his place and, maaan, did he fuck me hard! He showed me a lot of new positions, and it was rough! And because we did not know each other and it was completely free, I told him all of my turn-ons and fantasies. And he did those and then some more. We fucked three times for about two and a half hours. He left me so sore I could not walk properly. But i knew then that rough sex and big dicks are my thing.

8. I like older men. Apart from my boyfriend who was a year older than me, the age difference between the men I’ve had sex with and myself goes from 4 to 10 years. I tend to stay away from men younger than 25 years because I find them immature. Older men know better what to do with me, how to touch me and how to teach me.

9. I know how I like my men to be from the physical point of view: fit, tall, with dark (curly) hair and a beard. Just the thought of a beard scraping across my clitoris and vagina while he gives me oral sex almost makes me orgasm. Oh, and they have to be pretty well equipped in the penis department. I love big, thick dicks and the way they ease into my vagina.

10. My clavicles are my absolute turn-on spot. Kiss, bite, run your hand, beard, penis across them and I’m lost in desire.

11. My favorite position is doggy style. Yeah, I like it from behind.

12. I like the game of seduction. I tend to choose the men that I can’t have. I like the chase, I like to make an effort in order to catch my prey. If it’s too easy, then I lose interest almost immediately.

13. When I masturbate, I can make myself come in under one minute by stimulating my clitoris. I can give myself multiple orgasms, depending on how horny I am. Once, I went on a orgasm spree and made myself come 9 times in 20 minutes. I watch a lot of porn while masturbating, but I can also do it by thinking of great sex that I've had or by fantasizing about different scenarios.

14. The last man I was with was my "fuck man" for about six months. I say "man" because he is 29 years old and a doctor. When I think of him, perfection comes to mind: Beautiful Sex God with big perfect dick. I mean it. He is the best lover that I have ever had. He has two sides of him and I don’t think he realizes that. The first time I went to his place we sat and talked for about an hour -- smart and funny subjects – until I crossed my legs and he noticed that, in that position, my skirt was revealing too much of my thigh. He put his hand on my knee and his eyes darkened in some arousing way. That was the side that fascinated me. He was dominating me, telling me what to do, asking me if I liked this or that and using a lot of dirty talk. I was not used to that. He made me realize that I like dirty talk. He got so horny when I talked dirty. The sex was hard and rough: hair-pulling, neck-biting, nail-scratching and ass-slapping. He fucked me in ways I did not know were possible. He loved to give me oral sex a lot! He would often switch from oral sex to penetrating me again and again and it made me go crazy with pleasure.

15. We started fighting for control when we were having sex. He liked being in control and I loved the moments when he pinned me to the bed, the wall, the window and fucked me endlessly. But when i got to win and to control him... seeing me on top and calling the shots, that was the time when his sex hunger grew wilder and his dick harder.

16. I’ve never had anal sex and I want it to stay that way. He wanted so badly to be the first one that I had anal sex with, but I refused countless times. He would often slip a finger in or lick me just to see if I’d like to do more. Once, without me knowing, he hid a chocolate under the bed and when he went down on me, he slid a tiny piece of chocolate into my vagina and another one into my ass. The sensation of the chocolate melting was incredible. He also liked to pour wine on me just to lick it from my body moments after. Sometimes, he’d interrupt the sex to smoke a cigarette and to drink wine. He knew that drove me wild with anticipation. We also liked to light a cigarette and split it between us while we had sex.

17. I have him to thank for the fact that I now truly know myself sexually. He taught me that there’s nothing to feel ashamed of when you are having sex as long as it’s something that you like and both enjoy.

18. My second fuck-friend cheated on his girlfriend with me three times. I was obsessed with him, so I did not care about her at all. He venerated my boobs and said that they were made for him because they fit his hand perfectly. I now regret being the other woman and wish that I had waited for them to break up.

19. I want to try BDSM. I love the idea of being tied, blindfolded, spanked. But I do not want the pain level to be high. I want to be dominated. Helplessness turns me on.

20. I like to have sex in places other than the bed (floor, chicken, chairs, washing machines, bathroom, you name it...) or the house, as a matter of fact. So far, I have had sex in a closed library, on the open tiny balcony of a 9th floor apartment, in the elevator, on the beach, in a tent, twice in a park, the staircase, on an abandoned alley. While I am writing this, I am at the central library in my city.

21. I have been told that I have perfect boobs by men with whom I have slept (who were obsessed with them) and also by both male and female observers. They are big, hard and round with perky nipples.

22. I don’t know if this is true, but most of my sexual partners have said that being inside me is an exquisite feeling, not something that they have felt many times. The doctor, my latest lover, said that it is because I get wet really fast and a lot, which, apparently, is a big deal.

23. I don't like to give oral sex that much but I do it because I love how it makes men feel and react. I love to give handjobs, though. The way the cock feels between my hands and seeing how it reacts to every single one of my touches turns me on so much. I also like feeling a cock between my boobs.

24. I like to be loud during sex. Actually, knowing that I can be loud and express the pleasure that I’m feeling is what I like the most. Hearing men make sex noises also turns me on.

25. I am so horny right now... I’m craving some big, hard, rough penetration.