Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1. I'm bisexual, and I sincerely believe most of us are some degree of bisexual. I'm in a committed relationship with a guy. I honestly can't see myself in a committed relationship with a girl, but I'm very aroused by girls and the thoughts of sex with them.

2. I've never had sex with a girl. The closest I ever got was a blowjob from a close friend of mine. Sometimes I really feel like I've missed something special.

3. I've had some form of sexual experience with 25 different people. Although some of those short relationships ended unpleasantly, and one was an anonymous hookup that I shouldn't have done, I don't regret any of them. If anything, I regret the ones I passed up or missed out on. If I'd known what I was doing, that 25 would easily be 50 or 100 instead.

4. My very first sexual experience happened when I was 13, with my 15 year old friend. We gave each other blow jobs late one winter night when he was staying the night at my house. My parents were asleep in the next room and I was scared as hell, but after it was done I wanted it worse than ever.

5. My boyfriend and I have been involved in three ways twice, and a four way twice. As much fun as those were, and as much as I'd wanted to do that, I find that I prefer one on one.

6. I'm generally attracted to guys who are younger than me, the cute thin twink types. I think its partially because I long to have some of my teenage years back, to do some of it over and have fun without the confusion, anger, loneliness, and all the other crap I felt at that age. Maybe the idea of being with them lets me relive it vicariously through them.

7. The compliment to that is my fantasies about older guys. I'm usually not attracted to older guys, except in one certain way: the idea of being a cute young boy toy for an older guy. That really turns me on. Again, its a way for me to feel that I'm the young guy again, getting to have fun for the first time. Knowing what I have and how to use it and not feel sad, confused, lonely.

8. I've been attracted to other boys from an early age, long before I knew what gay or bisexual was. Before I even knew what sex was or what I was feeling. My first crush was on a friend in the first grade, when I was 6 years old. I thought he was the coolest, cutest boy in the world and I wanted to be with him all the time.

9. I've always loved to see other boys shirtless, and to this day a nice chest is one of the best things a guy can have in my opinion. I absolutely love nipples, both guys' and girls'.

10. Despite my first experiences at age 13, there was a very long dry spell throughout my teenage years. I was confused, lonely, depressed and withdrawn. By age 21 I was finally figuring myself out, discovering who I was in many aspects. I began coming out to friends and met my first boyfriend. He was 16 but more experienced than I was. The sex we had (lots of oral, no intercourse) was great. It didn't last long. He dumped me gently. The pain lingered for a long time, even after I moved on to others.

11. I think friends with benefits can be great, and I've had a few. But they can get awkward too, when one person develops deeper feelings and you have to let them down. I'm not the kind to believe that sex has to include love in order to be fun. Sex with someone you love deeply is the best, true lovemaking, but sex just for the sake of sex is very fun in itself.

12. I think I was 23 when I officially lost my virginity and had intercourse for the first time. I was really into the guy, he was 21. We agreed to take things slow, but I really didn't want that, I wanted sex. One night he gave me a blow job, and then decided that he did want to have sex. It was a great first time for me. I fucked him for what seemed like hours and came three times that night. In our passion neither one of us thought about using a condom. For some time after that I was afraid of what I may have caught. Fortunately for me, I didn't catch anything. I learned my lesson, and was always safe after that.

13. Not long after that I got fucked by a guy for the first time. It was a guy I had dated for a while, then we decided to just be friends with benefits. It was a good first time, I'm glad it was with him. But after that I was ready for some outright slutty fucking.

14. I began getting the slutty fucking soon after with a couple other friends with benefits. I discovered how much I love the slutty naughty feeling of being fucked doggy style over the back of a couch or on a futon. And how much I like getting my ass eaten while I suck cock on a 69. It was a bit of a slutty phase when I decided to give up on trying to find a LTR and just screw for the fun of it.

15. Honestly I much prefer being a top doing the fucking than being the one getting fucked. Under the right circumstances, with the right guy (usually an older guy) I like to get fucked. I fantasize about a handsome older guy who is slightly dominant but not in a humiliating or aggressive way. He's powerful but cares about me and my pleasure. He has a very attractive body and a big cock and I give myself up completely to his forceful but attentive fucking. I've never had that for real, only a few pale imitations. But usually I like being the older guy fucking the younger hottie.

15. I find my sexuality to be extremely liberating. It is such a part of who I am and how I see the world. I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't taken the journey of sexual discovery that I have. Bisexuality is no mystery or confusion to me, its simply a freer, less restrained form of sexuality. I don't limit myself to the arbitrary rules society makes about the roles we're supposed to play. What I don't understand is the straight people who are supposedly so disgusted by the thought of gay sex, or gay guys who are so disgusted by the thought of a vagina. Its all natural to me and great in its own way. The only unnatural thing to me is the revulsion we're taught by own society/culture.

16. There was a time when I was confused by it. I knew from the start of puberty that I was attracted to other boys but all I knew of gay people were negative stereotypes. I would think, 'I can't be gay, cause I'm not like that.' One day in my mid teens I was struggling with this inner conflict, I was crying from the thought that I was doomed to become those stereotypes. And then, like a light bulb, the realization came to me that I am who I am, and having sex with guys wasn't going to change that. I wasn't sure how it was all going to work, and the idea of "coming out" wasn't even on the radar for me, but that was the start of coming to terms with my sexuality. A wider world began to open.

17. I think I have something of an oral fixation. I'm not the kind of person to chew on pencils or stick my fingers in my mouth all day long, but the most arousing sex acts for me involve my mouth. Of course I love kissing. I love to give oral sex. I love to suck on a guy or girls nipples. There is something very arousing and very comforting about using my mouth in those ways.

18. Call me a size queen, but I think large cocks are very sexy. That doesn't mean I think they're necessary. I've had sex with several guys who were on the small side but it was never an issue. Better to have a guy who knows how to use his small one than a guy who doesn't know how to use his large one. But seeing big ones is a real turn on for me, and its very hot being able to play with a big one.

19. With girls however, I prefer small to medium breasts. Huge and/or fake boobs do nothing for me. I like them natural and proportional. Like the joke, 'anything more than a handful is a waste.' I don't know if it's true that many girls worry about the size of their breasts, but they certainly shouldn't.

20. Masturbation is great. I've been doing it since I was 11 years old and still do it almost every day. It's crazy to me that some people think masturbation is wrong. Its the most natural form of pure pleasure you can have with your body. First learning that I could pleasure myself, my first orgasm, my first ejaculation...each one was such a joyful discovery for me. Nobody should feel ashamed of those things.

21. Sex without love can be great, but when it comes to love fidelity is very important for me. I've been cheated on and it hurt terribly. It made me feel unnattractive and undesirable, and it also shook my trust in other people. Was hard to get through. I've never cheated while in a relationship, and have never tried to hook up with somebody else who is in a relationship.

22. Being that I am bisexual and so accepting of sex in so many ways, it may sound surprising when I say I'm quite vanilla. Besides having sex with guys and girls, or multiples of them, I'm not into kinky stuff. No scat or watersports, no pain or S&M. Not really into toys either (altho sometimes they serve a useful purpose.) Not into leather or slings or any of that stuff. Just naked people in a bed giving and recieving the pleasure of their bodies.

23. I notice that I have moods when I'm sometimes more into guys and sometimes more into girls. At times I'm really turned on by girls in porn and then other days I'm way more turned on by boys. Of course I'll take either given the opportunity. I'd never turn down a guy cause I was in a girl mood or vice versa.

24. I love porn, at least the certain kinds of porn I prefer. There is plenty of bad, cheesy, unattractive porn out there. I prefer pics on the net instead of movies, and not the mainstream porn with make-up and long fingernails and fishnet stocking, *ugh*. I like some of the amatuer pics, the tender ones, sometimes the artistic ones...and sometimes just really slutty ones. But I always want new and different porn. Always looking, searching, exploring.

25. Is sexuality genetic or is it a result of our upbringing? I have to say, 'does it matter?' I'm sexually aroused by both guys and girls. I like to suck cocks and girls' nipples. Does it matter if I have a certain genetic combination, or if I simply choose to enjoy those things? Human sexuality is a wonderful thing, more so because of the variety of forms it takes. Shouldn't we learn to discover and accept that variety for its own sake? Our scientific knowledge and abilities mean nothing until we can mature as a society that accepts and appreciates all its diverse forms and expressions. Can you imagine how much better the world would be if nobody was made to feel ashamed for exploring or expressing their sexuality?