Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1. I'm an 18 year old, female virgin and I'm usually okay with that. Unfortunately, because of that, my 25 points are not nearly as interesting as most people's. They're just kind of sad.

2. I'm pretty gay, but I've only dated guys. I didn't particularly like any of the guys I dated, beyond loving hanging out with them.

3. The first person who saw my breasts was my only serious boyfriend. He was disappointed... He'd never say it, but I knew he was by the look in his eyes. Realizing that a part of me could never be good enough for him (or most people) absolutely broke my heart.

4. The first and only time I ever gave head was with the same one I mentioned in number 3. I felt like I had to do it, even though I've never been more thoroughly repulsed in my life. I thought I was going to burst into tears, but instead, I made up an excuse halfway through and ran.

5. My mom once told me that any girl who gives oral sex and thinks she's still a virgin is an idiot. I don't believe this, but it still crushed me a little bit.

6. My first orgasm was a complete accident. I was 11 or 12 and just messing around on my bed one day and out of nowhere, I came. It was really exciting for me, like I'd found some missing piece in my life. I was very mad that I couldn't immediately do it again afterwards...

7. The closest I ever came to attraction to a guy was with my best friend in the world. We decided to do the whole 'friends with benefits' deal, with only one rule. He would not fuck around with his ex-girlfriend and I would not fuck around with this guy he hated. When he still fucked her and lied to me about it, I lost a friend and an almost lover in a single day. We're talking again, but it will never be the same.

8. My best friend? PHENOMENAL thighs. I hate thinking that about her, because I know it would make her uncomfortable. Still, I notice.

9. I have a bit of a thigh fetish. Nice, big, thick thighs. I absolutely love them and have been known to collect pictures of people with awesome thighs. This probably makes me some sort of creeper, but I really don't care. They'll have to do until I manage to find someone real.

10. My first real kiss was with a girl who was horrified by the idea. It was a truth or dare thing, but I meant it. This is the only time I've ever kissed someone. I've been kisses hundreds of times, but I never commit to the idea. But this girl? I kissed her. And it was the most genuine thing I've ever done.

11. Porn is tolerable, but insincere. Erotica? That shit is wonderful.

12. There is nothing sexier than girls who walk around in their underwear.

13. Scratch that... I'm not pretty gay, I'm almost completely gay, except for fleeting attractions to androgynous guys.

14. I like the idea of being restrained. I'm far too controlling to enjoy myself sometimes... I need someone to force me to stop thinking so much and get lost in the feeling.

15. I still bait guys, even though I have no intention of dating them. It makes me feel wanted.

16. I absolutely loathe my nipples. I could deal with having small breasts if my nipples weren't so large.

17. Since I was old enough to reach the matches, I have been lighting candles and dripping the wax all over myself. I love the sting and I love the marks it leaves behind as proof even more... They're like battle scars, proof that I've been somewhere. Somewhere sexy.

18. Around the time I figured out the candle wax thing, I figured out that I like being smacked. It's something about the sting... I just really love that feeling. It makes me feel alive.

19. I almost like the build up and anticipation of orgasm more than the orgasm itself.

20. I am the only person who has ever made me come.

21. I can lick my own nipples, with some effort. My breasts are small, so it's a stretch, but I can do it. For some reason, I'm really proud of that.

22. I am terrified that someone I know will see this and recognize my list. There are very few people who know these things, but they do exist.

23. Strap-ons fascinate me.

24. Anal play disgusts me. I don't know if I'll ever be able to try it.

25. When someone is clearly attracted to me, regardless of gender, I am so turned on.