Sunday, January 10, 2010

1. The first time I ever masturbated I was afraid. It felt so good, but as I approached climax, the intensity scared me and I stopped. The book "Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Sex.. But Were Afraid To Ask" said this is what you do... It felt so good but it burned, sort of. I thought I hurt myself.

2. I love the look, the smell, the taste and the elaborate-ness of the female vulva. It makes the dick seem - well, boring. There is nothing more intimate than orally pleasing a woman - even intercourse is LESS intimate.

3. I first made out, like a lot of people, in the back set of my dad's huge car. My girlfriend was a bit on the large size but had big, beautiful breasts. I still recall seeing them for the first time, and how, in the winter, we steamed up the car windows. I also tasted pussy and got a blow job for the first time there.

4. I made love to that same girlfriend for the first time at her parents cabin. Her parents were out with friends, and her little brother was sleeping (I think... I hope) right above us in a loft. I was still partly clothed because we were afraid parents would come back. I was inside her (with a condom) but I thought I heard something, and pulled out and we stopped... it was nothing. I ruined my condom, our first time, and the sex we were having. Damn!

5. I made it up to her when we got back - I got a 12 pack of LifeStyles Ultra Thins and we made love after school. We went all the way and it was awesome.

6. Another girlfriend and I made love in semi-public places; a dorm study room with the door closed, and between semesters in an open floor lounge. I know it was between semesters, but someone COULD have come in. It was great having clothes everywhere and doing 69, knowing you could be caught!

7. When I was 12 or 13, a male friend was talking to some girls in his house and I guess was horny. He said "I need to talk to you" and we went to his room - I walked in first. When I turned around, he had blocked the door, undone his pants and pulled out his erection and was stroking it. I was shocked, partly because he was huge (I was two crucial years younger - big difference) and had pubes (I did not yet...) but he gave me no warning. I mean - if he had said "have you ever jacked off? I'm really horny and my parents are gone - do you want to?" I might have said yes. I was so shocked, though, that he put it away and we left the room.

8. I like (discreetly) looking at nude guys in the locker room - I think everyone does, but most won't admit it.

9. In high school, I ran track with this one guy. He was a red head. In the shower I saw he also had bright red pubic hair.

10. Though it almost never happens, I have "faked" orgasm a few times... I can do this because I wear condoms.

11. I have only ONCE been inside a vagina WITHOUT a condom. My girlfriend and I were swimming, and no one was at my house. We took off our bathing suits, then got in each other's arms and made out. I was so hard! The next thing I knew I was inside her. GOD, was it nice... I thrusted gently a few times, then pulled out.

12. On a scale of 1 to 9, 1 being completely straight, not even vague fantasies, and 9 totally homosexual, I am a 3... or 4.

13. Until I saw YouPorn, I figured the "wet spot" was from sweat (which I guess it could be) - now I know it's from semen coming back out of the vagina and getting all over the bed. Oh, now I get it!

14. I know of a gay bathhouse in my town... I have always wanted to go in. Not to DO anyone, just sit in the steam room, watch the action, jack off and then leave.

15. I am married and my sex life sucks. I have not had sex in a year. She won't let me eat her (oral sex), and I don't know why. I am afraid to talk to her about it.

16. Until 14 years ago I had full pubes. Now my balls are shaved, my inner thighs, my butt crack and the area below my navel. All I have now is a small patch of full pubes above my cock and the hair that goes up to my navel. That's it. I love it and so does my wife.

17. I had same-sex sex (oral only) once or twice, with the same person. I was comfortable with him, and he said OK when I asked if I could. I was just curious... if you're a woman, what did a dick feel like in your mouth? What were women going through? I undressed him and made out with him - the biggest surprises were 1) his height, 2) his stubble 3) his narrow hips, 4) the smell of cologne, 5) his broad shoulders and 6) no smell of makeup, perfume, lipstick.

At first I was freaked out - THIS WAS A GUY! - but then relaxed. It took some courage to undo his belt, and he said "look, don't worry - we don't have to", but I was curious. Eventually I did, we stripped each others' underwear. That was one of the hottest few minutes in my life.

Oh, his erection? Really, not a shock - standard in size, girth, length etc. His crotch smelled sweaty, and his penis in my mouth felt like mine does in my hand. Actually it was all kind of a let-down, except the stripping and making out part. That was really hot. By the way I was really drunk.

18. I would easily do a threesome for my wife that was MMF - or MMMF for that matter. I don't care - as long she lets me have MFF...

19. I have toys and play with my prostate. I have had dozens of orgasms with them. The prostate is the man's G-spot. It is a GREAT and very different orgasm. TRY IT!

20. I would like to get into spanking/BDSM - a little.

21. I would also do voyeur/exhibitionism stuff too. I would be happy to watch my wife do someone and I could only j/o. Of course, she would have to do that for me too.

22. I would like to go to a nudist resort for a weekend.

23. I would gladly go to an erotic/swingers party with my wife, but she would never do it. I wish she would.

24. I have had only 4 lovers in my life.

25. Out of 4 lovers, 3 have been virgins (believe me, you can tell when you break them). What is it about me that attracts virgins?