Sunday, January 10, 2010

1. I lost my virginity in a hotel room. I was 17, my boyfriend was 21. He was also a virgin.

2. The only other person I've slept with, my current boyfriend, was also a virgin.

3. I have never had a vaginal orgasm.

4. I was 15 the first time I masturbated (and made myself orgasm). I was watching The Cosby Show and began touching myself. I realize this is strange, but I will probably never forget it.

5. After 10 years of masturbating, I've realized that while my boyfriend is really great about taking care of my needs, sometimes manual stimulation is the best.

6. I found my father's porn stash when I was younger. I remember getting turned on by the women, not the men. To this day, I'm still kind of icked out by penises, and am still turned on by women.

7. This complicates my sexuality. I have never been with a woman so I'm unsure as to whether I would enjoy it, but I think I might.

8. I am currently in a long-term monogamous relationship with a guy I might end up marrying. I'm currently feeling indifferent about this, because of #7. Lately I've begun wondering what it would be like to be in a relationship with a woman.

9. By most people's standards, I'm a fan of the vanilla sex life. My favorite position is girl on top, I don't like BDSM or any kind of pain (maybe a little hair pulling, but light), though I think toys definitely have a place in the bedroom.

10. I'm continously bothered by the fact that my female friends do not wish to discuss sexuality in any aspect with each other. I am pretty open about this, and I find it distressing that they think talking about orgasms and vibrators and oral sex are something to giggle about.

11. I am fat, and while I'm not in love with my body, I think that I deserve to have a good sex life regardless of this fact.

12. Good orgasms put me to sleep. Because of this, I like my partner to get off first just to ensure I don't have the chance to return the favor.

13. But really, I want him to get me off and let me go to sleep. I am kind of a selfish lover.

14. I am not interested in any type of anal play.

15. I bought my first vibrator on my 18th birthday. It was cheap and hard (that's what she said?), but it did the job. I've since upgraded to a fantastic little waterproof bullet, and it's become a regular character in my bed, whether it's used for solo or partner fun.

16. I really like receiving oral sex, but I've become incredibly self-conscious about it all.

17. I've never tasted semen before, despite the fact that I have given a lot of blowjobs.

18. I have masturbated at work before, in the bathroom on a lunch break. I was tired and stressed and overworked and debated taking a nap in my 30 minutes, but thought that an orgasm would be a better way to relieve the stress. I was right.

19. When I was 15, I started talking to a guy I met on the internet. We were the same age, had a lot in common, and swore we'd meet one day. It's nearly 10 years later, we still talk sporadically, but have never met, though he plays a reoccuring role in my sex dreams.

20. I have a lot of sex dreams. They are always generally pretty awesome.

21. The past few months have been crucial to helping me define not only my sexuality, but my gender identity. Being attracted to trans boys (FtM), androgynous folks, and sexy queer femme ladies, has all been confusing and awesome for me. This is, of course, based solely on photographs on the internet or through films, never in real life. I never meet anyone interesting in real life that I would want to have sex with, but I hope to one day.

22. The idea of meeting someone on the internet solely for casual sex terrifies me. I am way too cautious of STD/I's for my own good.

23. Generally, I find the idea of having sex with someone I am not interested in and/or want to be friends or more with kind of odd. A lot of my friends have casual sex and I don't think any differently of them for it, but for me I think it would be difficult. I have issues, I know.

24. My boyfriend is not incredibly dominant, and while I appreciate the fact that he is a good feminist boy who is adamant about showing me respect, I sometimes want him to pin me down to the bed and fuck me hard.

25. I like quickies. They're fun, sexy, and efficient!