Thursday, January 14, 2010

1. I lost my virginity within an hour of Obama’s election.

2. It didn’t hurt; the guy was not only lacking in size but in skill: the sex with him was all the most boring I’ve ever had.

3. I’ve never made myself come, with or without toys.

4. I’m a screamer, squirmer and squirter. I can control the first if I need to and the last isn’t an “every time” thing, but it’s been known to happen

5. The most intense orgasm I’ve ever had ever was from being fingered (I’m a girl, by the way). It was incredible.

6. I’m worried no sex I have again will live up to that orgasm or any of the sex I had with that boy.

7. I’ve never been in love with anyone with whom I’ve had sex and I’ve never had sex with anyone with whom I’ve been in love. I’ve almost always said that love and sex are inherently connected but I’m beginning to believe that, in my life at least, they are mutually exclusive. This worries me as well.

8. I love being dominated, fully and completely. My view on gender roles in relationships certainly affects and is affected by this both. It’s an old-fashioned one and I have no idea why.

9. Likely related to this, a rape fantasy seems like a nice one to act out. I don’t think rape is a good thing, of course, and no one deserves something like that, but if you want the treatment and have a willing partner, then by all means…

10. I love giving head to men. I feel like I have a sort of power when I’m down there and knowing that every reaction he’s having, every bit of pleasure he’s feeling is because of me and what I’m doing is wonderful.

11. Oh, and feeling him orgasm and come with me between his thighs, straight into my mouth. I get turned on just thinking about it, not to mention actually experiencing it.

12. I’m not too keen on receiving head, though. I’ve never gotten off from it and I’ve only ever had good head twice, really.

13. My most interesting places I’ve hooked up (making out or more) include: near Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney in Florida; behind the history portable in high school; and in a refrigerator box.

14. I’ve had sex with a Santa. Thanks to SantaCon and alcohol, of course. And while I’m usually not that great at dirty talk (I can’t keep a straight face) the line “I can’t wait to sit on Santa’s lap all night” came up. Sometimes I think my life could be a bad porno. Or at least that night could.

15. I love laughing during, before and after sex. I usually laugh during foreplay and pillow talk and try not to during the act so that he doesn’t think he’s doing something wrong, I guess, but sex can be pretty ridiculous. I mean, what else do you do when the bed breaks underneath you!

16. Oh yeah, I’ve broken a bed. Or more specifically, bed risers. You know those plastic things (that I’m sure are marketed as “unbreakable”)? Apparently we crashed through those (as well as woke up the neighbors; you can rightly assume this was with that “best ever” guy).

17. I’m willing to try almost anything once and despite having been “deflowered” for just over a year I’ve already tried quite a lot. I’m not ashamed of that but rather proud, as I can say definitively what I do and do not like for more things than most girls can.

18. I’ve had anal only once and I didn’t LOVE it but definitely didn’t hate it. I’ve used a butt plug as well and that also was not bad. I would definitely do it again, though I don’t really get why it’s such a big deal for guys.

19. I’ve made out with girls before but never been turned on or aroused by one. Or any. I find many girls attractive on various levels but can’t see myself hooking up with one for my own pleasure.

20. If I were to participate in a threesome I would prefer MMF. I think I’d get jealous if there were another girl involved. Also impatient. I quite like cock.

21. I’ve always wanted to give head to a guy while he was doing something else, specifically watching a movie or playing a video game.

22. For the most part pornography doesn’t turn me on. I would rather talk or read about a sexual situation or fantasy of my own (or even think about it) rather than watch other (phony) people fuck.

23. I’ve been spoiled when it comes to cock size. Aside from a couple (like that first one…) every guy has been quite well endowed both in length and girth. This has actually made most of my encounters a bit painful but I don’t have a problem with that.

24. I’m tight. This isn’t just what I’ve heard from boys. When I masturbate one finger is adequate, two is tight and three isn’t possible on my own (if I worked on it I’m sure I could get it in there, but it would involve my other hand and possibly even additional lubrication).

25. My favorite (in that I felt accomplished) compliment during sex was that I use good suction during head; my favorite (in that it made me laugh) was “you’re soooo voluptuous” while I was straddling drunk Santa.