Sunday, February 7, 2010

1. I am a 19-year-old virgin. I can count the number of other virgins I know on one hand.

2. I've had the same boyfriend since I was sixteen. He was my first kiss and everything else too.

3. As an artist, I have seen more people naked than anyone else I know. I love nudity. It makes me feel trusted to have someone take their clothes off for me.

4. My mother also went to art school, so the first time she tried to explain to me about male genitals she drew them for me. I told her that “boy parts” looked like a proboscis monkey's face.

5. My first orgasm was accidental. I started to feel a kind of heat between my legs as I was reading a romance novel. I didn't know what it was at the time.

6. For the next few years, every time my parents would tell me to clean my room, I would lock myself in my room and masturbate instead.

7. I want to lose my virginity on my wedding night while listening to Jeff Buckley's “Grace.”

8. I've always fantasized about other women, but I consider myself straight. I just don't find guys as aesthetically pleasing. Then again, I think most labels are unnecessarily constricting.

9. It was several months before I would let my boyfriend touch me at all. I didn't trust him. Instead, I made him talk dirty to me over the phone. We don't talk dirty anymore, but there's not a part of my body he hasn't touched.

10. There were years that I would cover my ears and run away screaming if anyone mentioned the word “sex.”

11. It scares me a little how much I like the idea of being coerced into having sex. I don't want to be raped or anything, but being pinned down, having my hair grabbed, or other displays of dominance really turn me on.

12. I find pin-ups immensely sexy and empowering.

13. I secretly believe I could be in a polyamorous relationship. My boyfriend and I once made out in the same room as another couple. The lights were out, which only magnified the sound. It still turns me on to think about it.

14. The idea of having a threesome (or more-some, as they say) also turns me on. One of my favorite movies is “The Dreamers.”

15. I've always thought sex was really funny. I laughed the first time I saw a penis.

16. I've asked my boyfriend to dominate me so many times that now when I tell him I'm not in the mood to fool around, he just ignores me. It really turns me on, but it's also a little scary.

17. I liked to be spanked. Hard.

18. I collect vintage lingerie because I like the history attached to it. The best set I ever bought was from a burlesque dancer's garage sale.

19. I love kissing strangers, because everyone has a different style.

20. I don't trust that a penis could fit in my ass.

21. I have knock-down, drag-out, screaming, gushing, fucking amazing orgasms.

22. Sometimes I consider becoming a pornographer because traditional pornography is tacky, sexist, and disgusting and I think I could do so much better.

23. For me, fooling around is just that. Playing. I wrestle, bite, lick, growl and cuss. It's never felt “dirty” to me. It's always felt really innocent.

24. Ordering my boyfriend to get on his knees turns me on immensely.

25. I love the sounds that people make during sex (moaning, wet noises, kissing sounds, the sounds clothes and skin make) because I'm super loud when I come and I like to hear that same satisfaction from other people too.