Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1. My fantasy is to have sex with Willow Rosenberg and Dana Scully while the Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing in the background, and our bodies are shiny with massage oil to the point that we can slip between each other without any effort.

2. When I started masturbating at 11, I used to rub against a pillow with all my clothes on and I would have the most amazing orgasms. I haven’t had an orgasm like that since those days. Now, I feel good (amazing, even) but I never have that single moment of climax. This makes me worry that I will never be able to have a great orgasm again and I’ll have to go to sex therapy.

3. I’m an active feminist and I worry how my pubic hair looks constantly.

4. I watch porn or read erotica nearly every day, but I hardly ever masturbate.

5. I lost my virginity when I was 14 to my best friend, who is male. We experimented sexually for over two years. He believed we were in a relationship, even though he knew that I was a lesbian. The sex ruined our friendship, but I don’t regret any part of it. Even through all of it, I never had an orgasm like #2.

6. I wake up sometimes having dreamt that I had one of those #2 orgasms. I wonder if I actually had one in my sleep.

7. I adore women. I believe they are the most perfect creation on Earth; beautiful, soft, and caring. Women don’t like me. Men are attracted to me.

8. I think a brunette with a pixie cut dressed in dark green clothing would be my goddess, if one let me into their world.

9. I find myself obsessed with people very easily. One smile, beautiful handwriting, or an outfit makes me fall in love.

10. When I fall asleep, I like to put my hand over my pubic mound; its warmth puts me to sleep.

11. Once at a party, I was incredibly high and the party host took me to his bedroom. He fingered me and I gave him a blowjob. I never said no and I participated, but I feel like this was rape. I will never tell anyone about this.

12. I think using tongue while kissing feels like a frog loose in your mouth. I do like sucking on lips, however.

13. When I talk to girls I really like, I become extremely beatnik, to the point that I seem like a self-absorbed hipster.

14. I have never given a woman oral sex, but I feel like I have. It feels weird to be extremely gay, and yet I’ve done more with men than women.

15. I find myself wanting to be dominated. Dirty talk makes me feel, well, dirty, but more and more I want someone to push me onto the bed and claim me.

16. I think spooning is the most amazing expression of affection.

17. I wonder if someday I will just give up on women and marry a feminine man, for the social acceptance. My family would be so relieved. I think I could marry a man if he wore all Gap.

18. I think that smoke, the color green, video games, rimmed glasses, progressive thinking, scarves, feminism, baking, mix CDs, and peppermints are incredibly sexy.

19. I don’t think I can ever be faithful to one person. I get sexually bored easily.

20. When I was a little girl, I had a “magic wand” that I used to put in my cunt. I called it “the doctor game.” My mom came in once and asked me why I was in bed. She felt the wand between my legs and left the room. She never mentioned it again.

21. The noises I make when I first wake up are the same as my orgasm noises. The latter is significantly louder, however.

22. I feel like the word “fuck” demeans sex. I still feel like sex is an amazing union, even if my past actions have not showed it.

23. I want someone to give me love marks on my stomach.

24. I have only had three sex dreams in my life. I wish I knew how to have more.

25. When I’m reading erotica and the author refers to the women’s "curls" it turns me on.