Sunday, April 25, 2010

1. I have masturbated to orgasm in several novel locations, including my desk at work, a doctor’s examination table, and my seat on an airplane.

2. When I was 8, I had a spotty understanding of sex. I thought sex meant lying down with a friend and holding/caressing/tickling them. It didn’t occur to me that the gender of the friend was meaningful. Using this definition, I asked my friend Marie to “have sex with me” and she said yes.

3. I’m a 26 year old woman. The oldest person I’ve gone on a date with was 60ish. We never became sexual, but not for lack of interest on my part.

4. I love giving head and am very proud of the many compliments I've received. I don't think I'm so great in the performance sense (like not having a gag reflex). I'm just honestly enthusiastic about it and receptive to my partner's signals. I hope to become just as good at cunnilingus before long.

5. Smart is damn sexy. The only time when being smart can be a problem is when a person gets totally wrapped up in their intellect and can’t connect with their sensual, emotional center.

6. I’ve never had an orgasm from PIV sex unless I was stimulating my clit at the same time, but I do have a special place in my heart for the orgasms I’ve had that way. Having my vagina filled with my lover’s cock seems to “expand” my climax.

7. I rarely come from cunnilingus but I still love it! Especially when being fingered at the same time.

8. I’m totally not a size queen. If anything, a more modestly sized cock is a more pleasurable fit for me. And if a given hetero couple is mismatched, there’s room to negotiate (I imagine this is true for gay men too).

9. I once encountered this "Touch the Art" booth. There were three holes, roughly at shoulder, chest, and hip height. You were instructed to reach into these dark holes and feel the art. When you did so, you found a person, usually in some state of undress. I wanted to be the "art" right away. Having those disembodied hands run over my body, playing with my clit through my panties…it was one of the hottest experiences of my life.

10. I can imagine scenarios where I would have sex for money but I haven’t pursued it.

11. I first tried masturbating when I was 12 or so but couldn’t figure it out. I was focusing on my vagina. A couple years later I found my clit and had my first orgasm. I remember thinking “WHOA. What the hell was THAT?!”

12. I’ve had a few opportunities to finger a lover in the ass or perform rimming. I’d like to do more of that. I’m also really interested in trying strap-on sex, with women and men, active and receptive. Oh, except I’m not interested in being receptive anally.

13. I am at my wettest and most aroused following a few hours involving cuddling leading to making out leading to fondling, especially with someone new.

14. Speaking of that, I find that the connection between my wetness and arousal level to be inconsistent. I think it takes a while for my natural lube production to catch up with the rest of me. So I can definitely be aroused and not all that wet.

15. I have a tattoo on my neck. Half the reason I got it is because it makes kissing my neck damn near irresistible and that’s how I like it.

16. I’ve had a threesome and would be up for trying it again. My first impression is that I would rather not be the center of attention next time. I found it less erotic trying to divide my attention between two lovers.

17. I would really like to learn how to squirt.

18. I have never faked an orgasm and can’t imagine why I would.

19. I once made a Beautiful Agony-influenced video (that is, a video of me masturbating but only showing my face and chest) for my lover’s birthday.

20. Ideally, I’d have sex ~4 times per week. I’m not getting my appetite met right now.

21. I enjoy seeing my reflection in a mirror while I’m having sex.

22. I like being handled roughly in bed but do not enjoy the psychological aspects of domination.

23. A few times, my lover has slid their hand up my skirt and fondled me while I was driving. I loved it.

24. My ribs are more of an erogenous zone than my breasts.

25. Sex with me is often interrupted by conversation and laughter.