Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1. Even though I'm currently dating a guy, I identify myself as a bisexual who wants to be a pansexual. I feel like I could be attracted to any kind of person, but I don't officially know.

2. When I was younger, I always seemed to want to be with someone, whether it was a boy (which was preferred at the time) or a girl, I found myself desperately craving attention, this eventually lead to the early discovery of masturbation around the age of nine or ten.

3. I didn't understand masturbation until I entered the eighth grade, but up until that point, I loved to be penetrated with just about anything I figured was safe enough to use (and I've used some weird stuff: toothbrush holder, head of a squirt bottle, a water bottle, a Jar Jar Binks doll from Star Wars--the list goes on) and even though I was ashamed of doing it, seeing as somehow I felt it was wrong, I did it very often.

4. By the time I got to eighth grade, having multiple crushes on boys and awkwardly enough having an online relationship with a girl in Louisiana (to whom I officially came out to as liking girls) I finally mustered up the courage to ask out my first (and only girlfriend) in a school bathroom.

5. I spent the majority of my eighth grade year with a girl and was finally told exactly how to use my body and want was happening to me when I masturbated. (I also got my official first kiss and lost my virginity to a girl.)

6. After being broken up with, I spent almost all of my high school career sexless and alone. During this time I perfected the art of pleasuring myself (having my first real orgasm in ninth grade).

7. Around the same time of achieving my orgasm, I nearly went all the way with a close male friend. I'd liked him for such a long time and after the break up I just wanted to be loved again (of course he wanted to 'love' in the most physical way possible and he agreed to attempt sleeping with me) Fortunately for me, the farthest we went was making out and a little touching. The boy is my closest guy friend (aside from my boyfriend) and is miserable and jealous of me. I now realize that I'd be horribly miserable with him and would never want to date him.

8. After the remaining three years of high school, I got back together with my ex-girlfriend during the second semester of my senior year. We had a great, sexual run for six months, until she broke up with me (again) to go to an all-girl college because of the high lesbian population. Go figure.

9. Soon after my ex-girlfriend dumped me, I met my boyfriend and basically hit it off. We had sex before we were even dating and regardless of the fact he said he'd had sex before, we had a blue ball night where neither of us orgasmed (it was the most awkward sex I've ever experienced and it was the first time I'd ever been with a boy).

10. I learned a lot about the penis in college and find it very attractive (funny enough). I'm not sure if I prefer men or women at the moment, but I know I have no problem preforming oral sex for either.

11. I've become obsessed with having rough sex and would like to have more of it if I wasn't such a 'tight squeeze' (if you catch my drift), but at the moment I'd like to work on completing most of the Kama Sutra positions. I just need my boyfriend to build up some muscle so he can pick all 100lbs of me up.

12. I find almost anything 'anal' disgusting. When I was with my ex-girlfriend she was very interested in rimming and I allowed it for the most part (seeing as it felt pretty good, just a little surprising) but I was never all right with the fact that she would go down on me after rimming. I could only think of all the bacteria getting spread and would get turned off. It probably would explain some of my nasty infections as well.

13. On a side note, I'm not all right with a polyamorous relationship or the whole 'taking a break policy.' I understand that humans are polygamous as a species, but I refuse to allow my loved one to explore while they're with me. Call me selfish, but they can explore me. The last thing I need is to track dirt onto my clean carpet.

14. I would like to experiment with vibrators and other toys. Seeing as I've always loved self-stimulation and penetration, I figure it would be right up my alley. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is a typical guy and thinks his 'little guy' can do the job (and for the most part it can). I'd just like to try it once.

15. I don't know much about the rules referring to the size of a guy's penis but I have to say, my boyfriend is average and uncircumcised and I love it. Like I said, I don't know much about how a penis is supposed to be, but I find his attractive and it does the job. I'm perfectly satisfied and I think that makes him happy. Which makes me happy.

16. I sometimes wish I could express my more lesbian side. Being more heterosexual at the moment does not leave much room for expressing my more butch side. I love to wear more masculine clothing and love cutting my hair to imitate a boy's. However, being a typical boy, my significant other does not find my desire to be masculine attractive. It doesn't help that my gay friends can freely express themselves.

17. I would love to go drag-king if I could. Just for a day. I'd wear a mustache and dress in a suit with suspenders and a charming hat. It's a little off the subject but like I previously stated, I love the idea of being masculine. Sometimes when I have the opportunity and my boyfriend humors me, we switch gender roles and I comfortably assume the position as the 'guy' and he becomes the 'girl'. As long as it's not during sex, he usually doesn't mind it.

18. It seems like most of my gay/lesbian friends really hate bisexuals for the bad reputation of just gender swapping because they're horny. It's true in some cases, but not always. I find that I want to be with someone who makes me happy, gender aside. I fall in love for the person, not the gender.

19. There's also the whole 'porn' part of my life. I'm usually very satisfied with the general act of sex, but from the time I was single (three long years) I was stuck on porn to get myself off. Being the anime nerd that I was, I got into cartoon porn (all of which is very strange) and would watch it maybe four or five times a week.

20. When I wasn't watching porn, I was playing porn games. I found it stimulating and kind of fun. It was a guilty pleasure I had and when I was upset I would watch/play around with porn.

21. I eventually got to the stage of watching porn with my ex-girlfriend. Awkwardly enough, she was into gay men porn as opposed to lesbian porn whereas I was into heterosexual porn or lesbian porn (and it didn't help that real porn didn't get me off as much as cartoon porn did). I think I just liked how graphic it was.

22. I still haven't watched porn with my boyfriend, and I feel that maybe somewhere along the road I will. Still, there's the fantasy part of my life that I'd like to share with my man. The bad thing is he really doesn't have any fantasies. That poses a problem when I want to get creative for him.

23. Regardless, I have fantasies of being completely dominated, or being romanced into bed. We've done the whole shower scenario and I'm hoping that we'll just continue thinking outside of the box and the bed.

24. There's always the fact that my man gets turned on by me sucking on his fingers, where I get turned on by being kissed on the ears and neck. Really, I just want to be touched all over. I find nothing sexier than a person willing to touch. I'm a very physical being.

25. Ultimately being a physical person has caused some problems for my relationships, but luckily for me, my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind.