Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1. My first sexual experience was with a younger boy who lived across the road. I was 6, he was 5. I found the bicycle pump, put it down the front of my Punky Brewster knickers and asked him to pump. It felt great. I remember feeling a shiver come across my body as the air escaped the nozzle and gushed across my genitals. I returned the favor for him. I'm not sure the feeling was as exhilarating for him, but I recall looking at his penis in amazement. I made him do it again for me. This went on for sometime, until my dad caught found us in the garage many sessions later. I never saw the bicycle pump again. We've never spoken of this.

2. My parents' idea of teaching me, my brother and sister about sex and sexuality was to give us the books titled "Where did I come from?" and "What's happening to me?" I remember reading them cover to end numerous times. I enjoyed the pictures and always thought sex looked loving and natural. As it was all cartoons, it also didn't hold a sense of reality for me. I learned about masturbation from these books and set out to find this feeling which they mentioned was like the feeling of 'sneezing'... the orgasm. I was 10.

3. I used to sit between my bed and the wall, almost hiding, reading these books in the afternoon. I learned to explore my vagina. Touching it softly felt nice. It was smooth, prepubescent, but liking the touch of my own fingers. I'd discovered my clitoris, and gently stroking it gave me an afternoon of enjoyment, escape. I was addicted to this tingling feeling.

4. Ii am not sure when I reached my first orgasm through self pleasure. I can only presume it was around the age of twelve. By this time I was exploring harder, faster stimulation of the clitoris. As i would work my way up to orgasm my legs would straighten and my body stiffen until this feeling of release would rush over me. I remember not thinking of it as a sexual act, more just self-pleasure. Something completely between me, myself and I. I never spoke of these events with girlfriends, my brother or sister or my parents. It was just something i did.

5. At 13 I remember staying with my godmother for a few nights while my mum was in hospital having a breast lump removed. She asked me if I was menstruating yet. I was horrified that she would ask me such a personal question. I'd gotten the word masturbation and menstruation confused. I denied that I'd started 'menstruating' and wondered how she could know about my nightly activities. One hour later I realized my error, but didn't revoke my previous answer. I masturbated in her guest room that night, under a huge portrait of Jesus.

6. I can't remember my first passionate sensual kiss.

7. Though I knew of the vaginal canal, I didn't explore digital penetration until I was 16. I wanted to have sex, needed to have sex physically. I knew I was a sexual being, but I couldn't connect with any of the boys at school. At the time, I wanted my first time to be with someone i loved, an ideal fantasy of two people entangled in magic.

8. At 17 I found a copy of my brother's Forum magazine. I loved the saucy stories of sex in it and read it over and over in my single bed at night, masturbating frantically, and squirming in ecstasy, coming time and time again. My mother found the book next to my bed one day. I remember feeling slightly embarrassed. It was never spoken of. I am to this day a huge fan of erotica. Currently I converse with a gentleman in Sydney, filthy dirty emails back and forth. If we should ever cross paths, I doubt I'd be able to walk for weeks.

9. I lost my virginity at 18. It wasn't special, it wasn't with someone I loved, and I remember after the initial penetration I was mortified with what I was doing in my drunken state. I kicked him off and asked him to leave. I avoided him from then on.

10. My first long-term sexual partner was a man I fell love with at second year uni. I remember fucking all the time. Shower sex, bedroom sex, blow jobs in his car, pool sex. I was in heaven.... for a while, but never fulfilled. I wasn't sure what was missing. He gave me my first oral orgasm.

11. Sometimes I think I'd be happy if I had someone's mouth attached to my pussy all the time. It likes the adoration.

12. I have large vaginal lips. I used to get a little self-conscious of them. When i looked at pictures in magazines of other women's vaginas I wondered what was wrong with mine? Why didn't mine look like theirs? Now I love my cunt, my pussy, my pleasure canal, my den of seductiveness, my flower. When I become sexually aroused I watch these lips swell with anticipation and excitement. Their sensitivity increases... they are gorgeous.

13. My true sexual awakening happened when i was 27. I wasn't in love with anyone. I was free, energy driven and very sexual. I left Australia for South America... little did i know Latin men are very open sexually. Sexual energy filled every breath i took and for the first time in my life I felt alive. My friends felt harassed. I was at home.

14. I fucked in South America. I had filthy animalistic sex in the Amazon. I had my first experience of anal sex and it was hot, hard and heavy. My first time anally I had multiple orgasms, sweat dripping off both of us, the shanty wooden house on stilts rocking in rhythm with our thrusts and moans of delight. Now, I knew I'd been fucked. If only he could kiss, it would have been the complete experience. I had sex with this person 3 times. A Colombian, who had a snake in his trousers. I don't remember his real name. He liked holding my hand as we crossed the road. That was kind.

15. Whilst in the Amazon I fucked three different men in one day. I didn't feel like a whore... I felt liberated. I oozed sexual energy.

16. I've had five affairs with married men. I'm single, I wasn't looking for a relationship. It's their problem not mine. I make no promises.

17. This year I had a finishing job when I went for a massage. I was completely naked, and my masseuse was massaging my arse. I love my arse being massaged. As his fingers went between my thighs they skimmed my somewhat aroused lips. I thought to myself "no he didn't?", but then he did it again. I could feel his huge cock through his pants pressed up against the side of my body. It was exciting. I just arched my back and let out a simple "Hmmmmm".... and a more erotic form of massage started. I felt my sexual energy returning. I let the moment engulf me completely, surrendering to the rhythm, the touch and the sensuality. I orgasmed on his massage table as he fingered me. After I rolled over, I smiled and booked in for two days later. We fucked and i got a free massage. It was fun. It was electric. I will never see him again.

18. Most recently I met a man with an English accent, a poet. We drank vodka, spoke, laughed and then went to entangle. I was well aware of his thirst for BDSM prior to meeting. Though never before experienced in this area, I was willing to accommodate. I was turned on by the thought of him only being able to touch me with permission. I punished his balls and cock first, with my hand tugging and squishing his balls. I liked when I caused this pain how his mouth would curl at the corners; a wince was let out but then it was followed by an unauthorized erection. I instinctively reached for his bag of tools, sat on his face and proceeded to whip the end of his cock with a riding crop. I hit his balls with a leather paddle. I was in awe of him enjoying this... I owned his balls for a moment. We didn't have intercourse. I would have liked to have filled him up with my golden nectar though. We won't meet again... it has left me wanting more.

19. Between Berlin and Paris I had sex in a train carriage with a stranger from Israel. We were alone in the carriage; it was night. After I left that carriage and returned to my allocated carriage on the train, I saw him wandering the halls looking for me. My top lip was bleeding where he had bitten it a little too hard in the moments of passion.

20. I've never cheated on a partner, but I walked in on my fiancé fucking a friend on his kitchen table when i was 23. I picked up my passport and a small backpack of clothes, and never returned. I hear many years later that after having a child together, she cheated on him. I've had trust issues ever since.

21. Though I've had many sexual experiences, the one I'm craving the most now is a relationship of complete intimacy and vulnerability. A relationship where we can explore all sexual avenues together, learning, growing and riding the wave as far as it takes us. However, I am fearful of this, and have continued in favor of random play, always keeping the man at arms length. Sad, but true.

22. I had the opportunity for my desire of love earlier this year. Entangled between the sheets, his kiss was soft and delicate, his fingers knowing of the female form, his skin soft and warm. A courtship that spanned a couple of years of knowing each other amounted to this moment. Our bodies melted together, I froze, hesitated for just a moment, and the moment was lost, as so too him from my life forever. I think of this beautiful man many times, wanting him to return to my life. Knowing that now I am willing and able to give him what he sought, but could not at the time. Sometimes you never know what you've got until it's gone. Perhaps we will cross paths again. That, I'd like.

23. I like to have sex with women. I find the idea of group sex somewhat possibly enjoyable. I like to watch, and I'd like to be watched. Multiple hands, mouths, bodies entangled in a warm mess... my mouth on the warm lips of a woman's, her juices flowing, her sweet earthy taste engulfing my taste buds as her soft thighs wrap around my head in sexual delirium. My lover watching, possibly worshiping and caressing my own arsehole with his tongue as I pleasure another. I'd also like to have a MMMF situation. Hmmm.... enticing.

24. I've masturbated twice while writing these 23 points.

25. I'm now 30 years old, single and loving life. I've welcomed my dirty 30's. Next, I'd like to try a swingers club. Life is short... live life, love lots, love yourself.