Friday, July 30, 2010

1. I'm a 47 year old housewife who has been with my husband for 25 years. He is the one and only man I've had sex with.

2. He was my first everything. First hand job, blow job, first one ever to touch anything on me from breasts to below.

3. I do wonder sometimes: did I miss anything by never having sex with anyone else or did I miss anything just by never allowing any of my other relationships to go anywhere past the kissing stage?

4. I love all the romantic sides of a relationship, meaning I love kissing--not just kissing, making out for a very long time: the longer the better the hotter the wetter. I love the hand-holding, the touching, sex that is long and hard, sex that is quick and fast.

5. I have a very high sex drive. Hubby, on the other hand, has a lower one and is always kidding I'm the man in the relationship. I want it more than him during the week, during the day, and I will be the first one to complain and get cranky when I haven't gotten any.

6. I love blow jobs. Nothing gets me wetter and hornier than a blow job. Just the thought of getting that hard cock or even soft to start in my mouth is enough to get me going. I'm so grateful my husband loves them because for me that would be a deal-breaker. I love giving them and I'm not the type to expect anything in return. I don't even care if it leads to sex. I get so hot and turned on by doing them it's incredible. I don't mind if he finishes in my mouth or it goes onto sex and I have no problem with swallowing.

7. I love to do it when there is a chance we could get caught. I love being told to get down on my hands and knees and blow him and I like even better if it's in the laundry room with a house full of kids or company.

8. I also love hand jobs. I love to wake him up either in the middle of the night or early morning with either a nice hand job or blow job and I love to watch him finish.

9. I love to watch him jerk off. I love watching his hand going faster and seeing him stroke it, I love his face when he comes and love the feel of that hot come. He is okay with that, but I will admit it's taken him years to be comfortable with me watching him.

10. We are finally at the point in our relationship where, if I need sex and he isn't up to it, I'm okay with that because this man has the most talented fingers ever. I know that if he isn't up for sex he will get me off with his fingers or let me go down on him, and many times that will end up with him in the mood. What doesn't happen is he is not in the mood and I'm left stranded: he will use his wonderful fingers on me and get me off.

11. I love anal, and yes I am a woman. Yes, it can be messy, sometimes even with perfect timing and prep but if you're a long term couple who has gone through childbirth and periods, you can handle anal. With the right person who takes their time and you can trust, it is out of this world. Again, I will ask for this more than him; although he was the one that first wanted to do anal, he has always been afraid of hurting me.

12. We have recently gotten a taste of freedom with our children being college-age. One went to first year last year; our last one will go this year. Just that little bit of freedom is out of this world. No worrying about noise, no worrying about the kids knowing you're doing it because you have disappeared to your room in the middle of the day.

13. Yes, I am a screamer, who wouldn't be with the fingers of God! I scream, moan, and try to keep it all quiet for years because of the kids. I haven't always been quiet, as my children have pointed out in the past, but I do try my best. I will be very grateful they will both be in college in the fall. No having to be quiet.

14. I love to be spanked, I love to just be fucked--no foreplay, just throw me down on the bed and fuck me. I like it rough and hard, and right when I'm about to orgasm a smack on the ass will send me right over the edge.

15. Quickies are great, but so is spending a rainy or sunny day in bed. It takes all kinds of variety. Quick and short, hard and fast, long and slow. I want it all.

16. I love to have sex in the open. We have had sex in our pool during the day and night. I would love to have sex on my deck--I will be working on that in the fall when the kids are at college.

17. I love for him to jerk off all over my chest or ass.

18. If we end up getting frisky anywhere public, that would be my fault. We both got so hot and bothered in the parking lot of an outlet mall that we never ended up going in. I gave him a blow job from start to finish while he fingered me until I was soaking wet and not in any condition to walk.

20. If anyone had told me my sex life would have gotten better with being married 25 years I would have laughed, because seriously, that would mean I'm old now, right? It has definitely gotten better. We haven't slowed down--if anything we are fucking more, and there are definitely more hand and blow jobs going on.

21. I don't mind porn. I like to watch it with my husband, but it has to be a normal plot--no cheesy crappy porn--and I love it when it's forceful, and I love the finishing shots.

22. My breasts are very sensitive. I love to have them sucked and pulled. I hate having them bit, but I can come from just the right amount of sucking and pulling.

23. I just recently started squirting. It's quite odd.

24. My husband loves going down on me. I can take it or leave it. I'd rather be touched, but he enjoys it, and who am I to deprive him?

25. I hope to be having just as much sex, blow jobs and everything else, well into my senior years. I thought it would be harder to come up with 25 things, but it wasn't. I also thought it would be too vanilla and plain, but it is what is is.