Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1. I'm a 22-year-old, straight female, and a virgin.

2. I don't have any interesting stories about my sexuality when I was younger...

3. ...although I remember that for Christmas one year I made my Spice Girls Barbies (Posh Spice and Baby Spice) have sex with each other. I took down their tops and rubbed their boobs against each other

4. I masturbate a lot. I started in about 8th grade. I forget how I started, though. I used to set a mirror in front of my pussy and watch myself. Now I can't stand to watch myself.

5. I've never been kissed.

6. My weight makes me incredibly insecure, which is why I'm completely inexperienced. But if it wasn't for my insecurity I probably would have much more experience under my belt.

7. Despite my inexperience, I'm probably the horniest person ever. I have a pretty perverted mind too.

8. I met my current boyfriend online. He doesn't live very far away. He's very experienced. He says one of his favorite things about me is my inexperience.

9. I'm afraid that once he sees me in person he will say "forget it" because of my weight.

10. He's gotten me to do a lot of things I thought I would never ever do because I feel so comfortable/I feel like I'm coming into my own.

11. He's also gotten me really turned on to phone sex. I could barely send him dirty texts without feeling weird/awkward. Now I practically beg him for phone sex.

12. When I masturbate I'm virtually silent. Sometimes if it's really good I'll start to breathe pretty hard. I feel weird if I'm moaning by myself/I don't have the urge to. But phone sex? I'm pretty freaking loud.

13. It gets me off so much more to hear my boyfriend coming and orgasming over the phone. I love the noises he makes and the fact that I've had something to do with his pleasure. Most of the time I get so distracted by it I lose focus and cannot come.

14. I'm very excited to do more sexual things. The thought of giving a blowjob turns me on so much. I feel like it's something I could be naturally good at.

15. I watch porn... a lot. I used to watch just girl on girl but then my tastes changed to threesomes (even though I don't think i'd be capable of having one ever). now I enjoy watching regular m/f. I think it's so sexy to watch a girl get fucked.

16. I identify as straight but I think women are absolutely gorgeous. it's one of my fantasies to do down on a woman. also to fuck a woman with a strap on.

17. I love boobs. a lot. even my own.

18. I would love nothing more than to be dominated in the bedroom. I want to be thrown around, spanked, have my hair pulled, and maybe some light choking (I find myself holding my breath a lot when I masturbate). It's quite a predicament because my boyfriend loves nothing more than a dominant woman in bed.

19. Despite #5, in high school I made out with my best friend a few times. She's three years younger than me, but she would come over and lay in my bed and we made out. One time she even sucked my tits. It felt great and I got so wet. I don't know why I don't count that as my first kiss. Thinking back on it now, it embarrasses me for some reason.

20. One time that same friend slept over and we were cuddling in bed watching TV, and I reached over and started playing with her nipples and making them hard. once I stopped (I started feeling awkward/was too scared to do anything else), she finished herself off by masturbating right next to me.

21. I love talking about sex with my friends. I think it's so interesting to see what they all like and what they're like behind closed doors.

22. I love sending my boyfriend dirty pictures and dirty texts while he's at work. I love being a tease.

23. I love love having someone talk dirty to me. It's such a turn on. I like hearing what someone wants to do to me.

24. When I was in middle school I used to go onto lesbian chatrooms. I set up a faux yahoo email account to trade nude pictures with women from the chatroom. I of course used fake pictures.

25. If you have tattoos and piercings you can pretty much assume I have a big crush on you.