Thursday, October 7, 2010

1. I am an 18-year-old heterosexual female.

2. I have been in a serious relationship for two years, and I lost my virginity to him a year and four months into our relationship. He was a virgin also.

3. My boyfriend is bisexual, and we want to have a threesome with another male.

4. I have been masturbating since I was 8 or 9. I used to hump the bedpost in my grandparents' spare bedroom. Then I used stuffed animals, and eventually I discovered that using my fingers was the ultimate way to pleasure myself.

5. My mom walked in on me masturbating once, but she never confronted me about it.

6. I had a sexual encounter with a distant cousin of mine when I was very young (4 or 5). We were alone in his room and I remember having my pants down and he asked me to touch his penis. My grandfather walked in on us, but I never remember him confronting me about it. I was bothered by it for a long time, and I finally told my mom about it a couple years later. I haven't spoken of it since, but sometimes I wonder if it's affected my sexuality today.

7. I love sex. I think about it more than a lot of men probably do.

8. As much as I love sex, I only think about having sex with my boyfriend.

9. I daydream in math class about all the places and ways to have sex with him. I also think about our past sexual experiences and how amazing they were. It makes me so horny.

10. I love giving blowjobs, and I swallow.

11. When my boyfriend and I first started exploring sex, I would give him handjobs and he'd come all over my breasts and stomach. To this day that is one of the biggest turn-ons I have.

12. I've fooled around with another guy prior to my boyfriend, but he sucked at everything. I never enjoyed it when he fingered me or went down on me. I just lay there and pretended to moan in enjoyment. Needless to say, our little sessions didn't last very long.

13. Before I started having sex, all I fantasized about was being eaten out. Now that my boyfriend does it, I've become super-conscious of the way my vagina smells and tastes, so I'm very active in keeping it healthy and clean. Lots of pineapple juice!

14. I consider myself to be a heterosexual, but when I was in middle and high school, I fantasized about other girls every now and then. At one point I felt a strange attraction to my female dance teacher, but nothing ever came of it. I know now that I am fully attracted to men and men only. But I have nothing against homosexuality or bisexuality (especially now that I'm dating a bisexual).

15. That being said, although I am attracted to men, I don't enjoy strictly gay porn (male-male). I enjoy watching lesbian porn, heterosexual porn, and threesomes (two males and a female).

16. I like having rushed, hot, steamy sex. When it feels like he just can't wait to fuck me, it gets me going like nothing else.

17. However, that's what most of the sex I have is like. So just once, I'd like to be surprised with slow, romantic sex. You know, the kind where he explores every inch of my body before putting his dick inside me and going slow and deep til the very end.

18. I realize that I've referred to my boyfriend a lot while writing this, but he's really the only sexual partner I've ever had, and I enjoy sex with him so much that I can't help but talk about it.

19. He bites me a lot during sex. Sometimes I wish he wouldn't, because he bites so hard that it distracts me and takes away from the sensation of building up to orgasm.

20. I love it when he sucks on my ears though. My ears and my neck. It's so seductive.

21. I don't have any fetishes. My boyfriend doesn't either, but he's willing to try a little bondage. Maybe being tied up with silk sashes, that sort of thing. Nothing involving chains or leather straps though. I'm still warming up to the idea.

22. I would like to try wearing a strap-on and giving my boyfriend anal.

23. I scream really, really loud during sex.

24. I orgasm every single time I have sex, minus a couple exceptions that weren't his fault.

25. I want sex right now.