Friday, October 8, 2010

1. I am a twenty-year-old queer female.

2. When I was twelve or thirteen, I discovered the Shoebox Project, and through that, Harry Potter slash fic. I have been eternally turned on by Remus/Sirius and male slash fic ever since.

3. I cannot have an orgasm by masturbating. I get really close, but it’s just too intense, and I have to stop. I did not have an orgasm at all until I was eighteen, and my boyfriend touched me for the first time.

4. I can come really quickly, and hard, many times in a row. One girl told my boyfriend that it might be a good night for her if she has four orgasms in a night. For me, that’s an average evening with my boyfriend.

5. I have liked girls since I was at least in fifth grade, when I fell in love with my friend. We used to play that we were in a soap opera, and one of the main characters was really slutty. I used to play the boy, and we would “have sex,” even though we didn’t know what that was yet. We also used to hump her pillows and pretend they were our boyfriends.

6. I have had sex with one boy and two girls, and I’ve hooked up with two boys (besides my current boyfriend, who was my first time).

7. My first time was the last week of first semester sophomore year of college. There had been a dance, and we went back to my room, and there were loads of Christmas lights up. My friend was downstairs singing opera, and we had sex to the sound of the girl next door playing the ukulele and opera downstairs. It was beautiful.

8. I think that I am more attracted to girls than to boys. I find that I connect better with women on a deeper level than with boys. I am still attracted to men, although I am beginning to realize that I prefer androgynous boys to bulky muscled ones.

9. I have only had oral sex twice in my life, both during threesomes. I have never given a full blow job. I don’t know what I’ll do if my current boyfriend and I break up. I am a feminist, and I love my body, but when anyone is kissing or licking me “down there,” I get embarrassed that it smells or tastes bad, and can’t orgasm the way I like to.

10. I’m not that into kinky sex, but when I’m fucking, I love when my boyfriend pins my arms down above my head.

11. I love missionary position and doggy style. I think it’s because I can be brought almost to orgasm just by having someone kiss my neck. When my sister came home with a hickey once, my mother said that nice boys don’t bite your neck. If that’s true, I don’t ever want to date a “nice boy.”

12. I don’t like bad boys, although I fantasize sometimes about this one beautiful boy who acts like an apathetic jackass sometimes. He’s just so pretty...

13. I am in a committed relationship, but my boyfriend knows that I like girls, and is okay if I want to have sex with them, so long as I tell him. We’ve had a threesome before, and I enjoyed that a lot.

14. I’m very lazy, and a little selfish, which made me feel guilty with my last boyfriend, who wanted some reciprocation. I generally dislike jacking a guy off, and I am a little grossed out by the idea of giving a man a blow job. Still, when I tried on my current boyfriend, he told me not to, so I’m not going to complain about just getting touched and fucked.

15. I love sexy lingerie, on me, and on other women. I love getting the Victoria’s Secret catalogue in the mail.

16. I find pre-op transsexuals very appealing. I think that ftm men are very hot, and I am recently becoming more and more turned on by the idea of sleeping with a pre-op mtf woman.

17. I dislike the label bisexual. I worry that everyone thinks it’s a phase, when I’m pretty sure it isn’t. Also, it implies that my attraction is split evenly between males and females, when I prefer women, and I am attracted to transsexuals. I’m also very bad at sticking with the assertion that I’m a dyke: my friends call me the world’s worst lesbian, because no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I don’t like men or ‘act like a lesbian,’ it never quite pans out. The Internet People are talking about Queer as a term that encompasses what I feel, so that's what I'm working with right now.

18. My current boyfriend (of ten months) was very confused when this crazy lesbian (myself) kissed him at a party last year. At the same party, I proceeded to cause drama and wreak havoc when I kissed two of my female friends who were in relationships at the time, and one of their boyfriend’s roommate, all in about an hour. I think that I accidentally caused one of those relationships to break up, and have caused a weird distance between myself and my best friend’s boyfriend.

19. I love girls with smaller breasts and slim hips. I love necks, clavicles and hipbones on everyone.

20. I like to have my feet touched, although I don’t know if it’s necessarily something that should be translated into sex.

21. I am turned on by rain, in the same way that pyromaniacs are turned on by fire.

22. I really want to have sex in the shower when I get on alternative birth control.

23. I am so afraid of getting pregnant accidentally, but I am strongly considering being a surrogate to pay for graduate school. I do wonder, and sometimes daydream about what it would be like to be pregnant, and how I think I’d love it.

24. If I begin to fake an orgasm, a lot of the time it encourages my partner, and I begin to come for real.

25. I love to talk about sex with people. I think you get the most interesting reactions, and if people feel that they’re safe and secure, then you can have a really honest and revealing conversation.