Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1. I am a twenty-four year old female, and probably bisexual. The 'probably' is more down to lack of experience than anything else.

2. I didn't get much sex education from my parents, and had a pretty sheltered upbringing as I was homeschooled up to the age of eleven. Mostly I found out about sex through reading books.

3. I had a few crushes (all boys) in high school, but no boyfriends. I didn't realize that I was attracted to girls until I went to university.

4. I had my first kiss when I was eighteen. He was a friend of a friend, we met on a night out, and he charmed me.

5. I've honestly given up trying to describe what attracts me to people: the people I'm attracted to vary so much. With men, sometimes skinny nerdy boys do it and sometimes more muscled tough guys, and everything in between.

6. I feel 'drawn', somehow, to gay men. It's more a social thing than anything.

7. I love, love, love breasts. They don't have to be huge, just big enough to play with.

8. One of my favorite fantasies has me with an older woman, sucking on her nipples and being treated like her baby.

9. Following on from #7, sometimes I'll see a woman (in the street, on TV, anywhere) with gorgeous breasts and I just have to look at them.

10. Many of my fantasies revolve around oral sex – either sitting on someone's face, or 69ing, or kneeling in front of a gorgeous woman and just worshiping her pussy.

11. I've only kissed a girl once, while I was at university, during a game of spin the bottle.

12. I like erotic fiction – any kind – but I don't like watching porn or looking at pictures. The pictures always seem so fake and staged.

13. I'd like to participate in an orgy, but I don't think I have the confidence.

14. I want to try D/s sex someday. I want to be tied up and punished.

15. I masturbate quite frequently, several times a week at least. I use toys occasionally but I prefer just my fingers and my imagination.

16. I sometimes sign up for internet 'dating' sites, but I've never actually corresponded with anyone that way. Cybersex sounds interesting, and I'd like to try it at least once.

17. I like to masturbate when I'm on my period, it relaxes me.

18. Generally my fantasies involve people from TV shows or movies – fictional characters rather than people I really know.

19. The first time I gave a guy a blowjob was at a party when I was nineteen. It was the guy from #4, and it didn't end well between us.

20. I think most people (including my family) think I'm not that interested in sex.

21. I ejaculate when I come, sometimes.

22. I like how it feels when I piss myself. It's warm, and wet, and makes me want to try urine-play with someone else.

23. I want to be spanked, and a number of my earliest fantasies involved authority figures bending me over and spanking or caning me.

24. My preferred variety of erotica is m/m. It's the idea of two beautiful men fucking, basically.

25. 'Beautiful', for me, is a much broader term than I think it is for most people. That probably explains why there's so much variety in what turns me on.