Thursday, December 23, 2010

1. I am an 18-year-old bisexual girl. Woman. Female.

2. Actually, since I don't give a fuck if you're trans or cis, maybe I should be "queer," but I dislike a label that specifically describes nothing. All it seems to mean is you are different from the norm, but if monosexuality is the actual norm I will eat my hat. The fact that I do not own such an item is irrelevant. Oh, also intergender people are cool. But I'm not pan, since I see gender. Look, I'm sexual (and very, at that, to the point of being sex-obsessed), but bisexual does as a label, since people know what it means.

3. This is because I have an emotional override to my physical attraction. I definitely have a physical type, but I can like anyone so long as they are sufficiently awesome.

4. Oh, and pertaining to the "female" up there that's quite possibly got you all riled up by being equated with "woman," I am utterly confused by all this sex vs gender stuff. But I'll use whatever pronouns you want me to, within reason. And be attracted to you if you're sufficiently interesting in other ways. If you're being different just for the sake of being different, I frown upon you.

5. I think I'd have been just as happy being born male, but I'll stick with being a girl. Even if it would be awesome to have a penis, I think breasts balance it out.

6. I have never had an orgasm.

7. Ironically, my entire body is an erogenous zone. And the inside of my mouth.

8. I am afraid of purchasing sex toys for two reasons: 1) people might know I have them, and 2) orgasms.

9. That second reason is twofold, if I orgasm with the toy, my boyfriend may then worry it is his lack of skill that has lead to me not doing so beforehand. He won't, and in fact he'll probably just operate the thing himself until either of us can do it manually, but I worry that he will. On the other hand, if I do not, that means I am anorgasmic, and that is a strange and slightly terrifying thought.

10. It still surprises me that my boyfriend asks me if I want to do things. I still just figure people will tell me if I'm going too far, which I should stop.

11. I like friends. Friends are good. I have recently taken to kissing my friends, little kisses, not on the lips. I worry that this sends the wrong message to them, but then the snuggling would have done that anyway.

12. I am a total sub, but I'm a sub who knows what she wants. Mostly. And I'm getting better at articulating instead of grabbing.

13. In addition to this, I like being scritched behind the ear and petted. I would be totally cool with being a pet to a race of super-intelligent aliens. This is less to do with sexuality and more just me-ness, but subbing is part of sexuality, so why not this. Were I a furry I would have a kitten persona. Needless to say, I would be a very chaste furry.

14. When I get over my fear of sex shopping, I will buy a strap-on to surprise my boyfriend with.

15. I would love to go down on a woman.

16. I have gone down on a man, but never finished. The feeling when his erection swells in your mouth is incredible, though, cause it's like "I've done that. I've made it happy." Plus, you know, erogenous zone in mouth.

17. I have had two sexual partners. The first doesn't count.

18. That last one was a lie, but I've gotten over that now, and it doesn't need to be aired. It was the source of my sexual hang-ups for a long time, though.

19. BOOBS. ARE. AWESOME. I occasionally get to touch them and everything.

20. I occasionally make out with other girls when drunk. They are obliging, I am lonely. To do more than that would require me to be very sober and very sure of myself.

21. Sex makes me feel awesome about my body.

22. Oh yeah, kinks. I like sensation, basically. Small amounts of pain, slight asphyxiation. Real pain overrides the pleasure. I want to try bondage as well, I've always liked being restricted.

23. I doubt proper polyamory is for me. It just seems too difficult to arrange. I've had to try and split my time fairly between three sets of parents for years, and doing that with partners would tear me apart. But polyamory with one main partner and then a couple of friends with benefits I could handle. So long as everyone was okay with their position.

24. I like to be teased. Often the wanting is better than the having.

25. It's important to be able to laugh during sex, and have it not ruin the mood.