Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1. I am a 19 year old female student who's fucked a total of six men and one woman.

2. Though I'm madly in love with him, I would love to cheat on my boyfriend.

3. I lost my virginity when I was 16, to a guy who was six years older. I had dated one of his friends, had gone down on another one and after we broke up, I proceeded to date another one. To this day, I have fantasies of fucking all four of them together.

4. I love redheads and small-breasted women. I love anorexic boys with treasure trails. But what really does it for me are the hands.

5. I am much more comfortable naked than dressed. I hate winter, because I have to bury myself underneath a mountain of thick clothes. It's about the sincere, almost pure quality of nude flesh: your body isn't Zara, Chanel or Wal-Mart, it's not where you were born, or what you ate last night, or where you went to high school. It's just a body, desirable or not.

6. I didn't love the guy with whom I lost my virginity and it wasn't a planned, romantic event. It was a completely spontaneous decision, born out of pure desire, and that's what made it awesome.

7. I orgasm easily. Everybody's so surprised when I'm over the edge in less than five minutes, especially when vaginal intercourse is involved. "What? Already?" is something I always get the first time I'm having sex with someone. The irony never fails to amuse me.

8. Since orgasms come easy for me, what most arouses me is tension and denial. Ever since my boyfriend discovered it, he drives me nuts with all the teasing, and though I know I'll have a powerful orgasm later, I sometimes get the urge to just jump him.

9. When I was around eleven, we went on a road trip and my underwear was peeking above my pants. The boys in my class kept pointing and laughing, so I got mad and mooned them, saying "it's underwear, get over it!" It shut them up, but the memory never fails to make me blush.

10. I discovered masturbation when I was practically a child. I didn't know what it was; I just knew if I pressed certain spots in certain ways, I'd feel very good. When puberty hit, I was already an expert on getting off. Odd thing is, even after experimenting with dildos and vibrators, I can only get myself off with my fingers.

11. Anal sex is not for me. At least, not if I'm on the receiving end. I'd like to fuck my boyfriend's ass, but right now I can't afford a strap-on.

12. I'm bisexual, though mostly heterosexual. I like dating other bisexuals, because they're not so ashamed and insecure about sex. I find hetero lovers are too worried about maintaining their hetero status and lesbian ones are too political about sex. Politics and gender roles have no place in my bedroom, unless you plan to somehow pervert them.

13. I'm a pretty nerdy girl, I like anime, history and all sorts of fantasy books. I often imagine how it would be to have sex with some of the characters. I often worry what this means, especially when thinking about history's great personalities. I mean, they always said Napoleon was a great lover, but who actually imagines that?

14. I find art arousing. The Barberini Faun makes me come harder than any porno.

15. Though I don't like anal, I'd really like to try double penetration. I'd be a very happy sandwich filling if I ever find someone comfortable enough to do it with me and my boyfriend.

16. I'd really like to go to a sex party someday. I don't necessarily look for sex or a change of partners, but I'd like to watch and touch. I think it's an interesting idea, to kiss or touch someone while they're being fucked by someone else.

17. The fifth guy I fucked had a really big dick, so much so, it took me a while to fit it and it was very hard to move and get used to it. It was the only time I couldn't come from penetrative sex, besides my first time. So yes, size matters: there are times when big is just as awful as small.

18. I really like kissing, though it's a recent thing. My first boyfriends didn't really know how to kiss and the girlfriend wasn't exactly a master either. The third guy I fucked, however, taught me that kissing could be awesome. Ever since then, I refused to fuck anyone who didn't kiss me in a way that I enjoyed.

19. I like to read erotica and fanfiction. No one, and I mean, absolutely no one knows this about me. I'm kind of ashamed of it, because how do you explain it? It just sounds so ridiculous to say "yeah, I like Harry Potter, but I like Hermione/Snape fanfiction more than anything Rowling's ever written".

20. I can't get on well with my exes. I feel that past relationships are just failures, things I could have done better, but didn't. And really, it's just odd, having a conversation with someone who's seen you orgasm. Who you have seen orgasm.

21. I like oral sex, giving much more than receiving. I like giving, because it's such a powerful combination of power and submission: I pleasure someone else, but I control said pleasure. I don't like receiving oral that much because I feel too vulnerable and open.

22. The one thing I could never do is pee on someone. I had an accident while playing football (soccer) when I was little that derived into a rather painful infection that made peeing hard and painful for about two weeks. Since then, I spend a lot of time just sitting on the toilet trying to pee. It's psychological, but it would only be worse if I had to do it for another person.

23. I think I'm pretty obsessed with my exes. It's mostly because all my relationships so far have been rather passionate, emotionally charged affairs. I've always been a bit of a drama queen and picked all these impossible people... The only relationship I entered that I knew wasn't doomed from the start is the current one.

24. Freckles, birthmarks, blue veins peeking here and there... I find all these fascinating. It's always such a pleasure to explore a body and map out its differences from the rest... Much better than trying to map personalities.

25. I don't think great sex comes with great love. For me, it comes from great intimacy.