Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1: I am a nearly 23-year-old woman (strange to think of me as a woman, but I'd rather start with it) who considers myself bisexual.

2: I've never had sex yet; whether that bothers me depends on my mood.

3: I think of myself as bisexual because there were always fantasies about girls and women. My first love was my best friend at the time. Realizing she did not love me put me in a long depression.

4: There are times when I think I could be queer as well. Especially imagined characters turn me on--strong passionate women mostly. But then there is him.

5: I'm not sure if I'm in love with my best friend. Everybody around him says he is just the best person in the world. He seems to overlook that all the girls around him are falling for him sooner or later. A friend told me that I'm just desperate and lonely and that it doesn't make sense to build up any hopes, but they still pop in my head unasked-for.

6: I've had a few sexual experiences. As a kid I used to persuade other girls to try sexual experiments and role-plays. I think that might be normal, though I'd like to do it nowadays too! I had my first boyfriend at the age of twelve, he was a bit dumb, we just kissed and it was awful! At fourteen I met another boy, and at sixteen I had a 3-hour experience with a stranger.

7: So, I've been living like a nun for nearly 7 years now...

8: Though I'm quite sure nuns masturbate. Do they? Are they allowed to? I do as long as I can remember. Orgasms, however, came with puberty (at least in my mind), dividing into two different kinds:

9: There are daily orgasms that make me feel like a man, quick, short, not-spreading...

10: ...and then there are the ones that take some time and freedom of mind, which spread wide and are intense as hell. The only way I can get to them is by pointing the water-jet out of the shower cover (after removing the head) on my clit or circling it.

11: My cognition is very sexual. I can't help looking wherever a sexual connotation could be, though I do not like porn. I tried watching it, but it leaves no real feel-good-effect on me.

12: I do masturbate a lot, sometimes twice a day or more (mainly to the short orgasms). I cannot help wondering how other people's habits are.

13: My friends just started talking a bit about sex by having it. For me it was always important.

14: My roommate told me that strangers think about me as experienced in relationship and sexual matters, like I would need no one.

15: I forgot to say that I am not what everybody would consider a beauty. I am inconspicuous and weigh 200 pounds, and I'm 170cm tall; not extremely ugly but nothing breathtaking either.

16: Worse than that are my other physical scarcities: I like my boobs but they're different sized, right smaller than left about one cup. And I am considerably hairy: fine, long dark hair all over my body, it's a nightmare, though shaven. That's why I feel unattractive.

17: 25 things 'bout my sexuality... well what to write if you don't have much of it? It's the first time I've been honest to block about that topic.

18: Except for that described friend, I am the only virgin among my friends I know. He spent half a year abroad without hooking up with someone.

19: Statistics say 2% of all people are asexual, could he be? Or is just not into me and I should bloody well stop brooding over him?

20: When I'm grown up (I know) I want to have intercourse with a woman at least once. Curiosity!

21: I can even imagine a threesome (big deal).

22: Soon, I'll be a fully educated social worker... how can I have missed one whole facet of adulthood?

23: Fantasizing about sex, I like it rough and passionate: pressing against walls, biting, scratching, being told what to do... No bondage stuff or other things in that direction, but I love to lose my head in lust.

24: I just had the impulse to send this to everybody in my address book in the desperate hope somebody would say: it's all right, you're completely normal and lovable and sexy, here is how to succeed.

25: Yes, I am afraid to end up as an old maid, especially with my whole family asking stupid questions and telling me 'bout being married with children when they were my age. It sucks!!!