Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1. I'm a pansexual cis-woman.

2. I'm 18, and have been having sex for about three years

3. I'm currently intimate with a 24-year-old male (J). I see nothing wrong with this age difference.

4. J's the best lover I've ever had. He's less experienced than me.

5. J has been the only one to make me orgasm without me touching myself too.

6. My biggest current sexual fantasy is to be fucked from behind while I'm tied up, to just be used by someone to make themselves come.

7. I haven't had sex with a woman, but I've wanted to for years. The right opportunity just hasn't come yet.

8. I still initiated sex with my abusive ex-partner (while we were together) and sometimes I feel sickened by that, but I know he was in the wrong, not me.

9. I love the idea of someone I'm interested in touching themselves over me.

10. I'm really into BDSM, as a sub - especially when it comes to sharp pain (scratching, whips, etc.) and restraint with handcuffs or rope. This increased after my abusive relationship and I understand why: I like controlling the harm that comes to my body, and turning it into a positive experience.

11. I've slept with 8 men, and see nothing wrong with this either.

12. I had someone who was meant to be my friend have sex with me when I was so drunk I was barely conscious and they were sober. I don't include them in the 8, at all.

13. I am so completely sex-positive, and follow the movement, this is something I focus on when I fight as a feminist.

14. I really want to try anal sex with J, and he does too, the only person i've seriously considered it with.

15. J has a huge foot interest, and I indulge this even though I hate my feet. He has no problem with them and I actually don't mind it, it in fact turns me on how much it turns him on.

16. I get so turned on by the feeling of a hand running up my bare thigh, or running down my back and into the back of my underwear.

17. I only watch porn with women only.

18. I can't imagine not caring about someone or not being attracted to them because of their gender, no matter what that gender identity is.

19. I've had so many partners say I give the best blow jobs/hand jobs, etc. I LOVE hearing that.

20. Sometimes I really want a working penis, to fuck women with and feel that sensation for myself, but I reject the theory of "penis envy."

21. The younger people I've slept with have often been better than the older.

22. If someone has lots of tattoos and/or piercings, I'm much more likely to desire them. Seducing someone by stroking their inked skin is one of the most sensual things I've experienced.

23. The longest I've ever gone without sex is 10 months.

24. I find men dressed as women really attractive, especially when they have broad shoulders.

25. I don't think I could ever have a threesome with two men, or two other women, but one woman and one man seems perfect to me.