Monday, March 7, 2011

1. I'm a 33 (almost 34)-year-old, heteroflexible, married female.

2. I've had sex (not counting oral) with 12 men.

3. I had my first orgasm at 15. I tried masturbating but couldn't find the right spot. So I got out my mom's copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves (my mom has an original copy!) and found my clit. The rest was easy.

4. There was a period of time in my late teens when I thought I was a lesbian. I was attracted to women and always fantasized about women when I masturbated. Now I know I'm a straight chick with a fetish for girl/girl sex. I could definitely get it on with another women given the right opportunity and circumstances.

5. I love big cock. I've been spoiled by 14 years of marriage to a man that's packing a monster cock. Since then... nothing comes close. Nothing.

6. I'm a submissive woman with a dominant personality. Basically this means I'm a control freak in all aspects of my life except for when it comes to sex.

7. I never use toys when I masturbate. I've got 'em, lots of 'em. But I'm all about manual stimulation. I love fingers.

8. I love having my nipples sucked on and bitten. This is an art that few have mastered. With the proper technique, I believe I could probably have an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.

9. I have a rape fetish. I don't really want to be raped. Nor do I want to rape someone. But consensual non-consent really gets me wet.

10. I can't come from sexual stimulation alone. 98% of it is mental for me. Ah, the sweet power of a mind fuck.

11. I have INTENSE orgasms, but I've never had multiple orgasms. One time I had 4 in a 30 minute period, but that was from masturbating. Aside from that, I've had two or three in a night with a partner but it was over the period of several hours and different fucking sessions.

12. I've squirted twice. The first time it was a total surprise. The second time I thought it might happen and it did. Two best orgasms of my life. Hands down.

13. I'm into pain. I love working with an experienced sadist. Sub space is my favorite place.

14. I love nipples. Men or women, it makes no difference to me. Biting, sucking, pulling on them. So hot.

15. I really enjoy anal sex. Anal sex is the only time I wish I had a partner with a smaller cock.

16. Dirty talk. I love everything about it. The dirtier the better. Unless you're talking kids, dead things or animals, there's just about nothing too taboo for me.

17. I love porn, but it seems I've become desensitized to it. The porn I watched got more and more taboo until I had pretty much reached my own limits. I just don't think I'll ever get off watching a Japanese woman roll around in shit.

18. I love the idea of a 24/7 live-in D/s relationship. Something about having someone else control every aspect of my life is very appealing to me.

19. I'm very jealous. I can't stand the idea of my husband/partner being with someone else.

20. I felt guilty about my sexual fantasies for most of my adult life. Finally, in my early thirties I began to realize that fantasy is fantasy and reality is reality. In real life, I have no desire to have sex with my dad. But the fantasy of having sex with a father figure is super hot.

21. I'm into age play. I am a little girl at heart and nothing gets me turned on faster than a good DD/lg fantasy. Incestuous? Perhaps. It's just a fantasy.

22. I always fake orgasms with new partners. It just takes me awhile to get comfortable enough to let go. Rather than deal with some poor guy working hard to achieve something that's not going to happen, I fake it.

23. When I was 17, I shared a bed with two gay friends of mine. They had sex twice, with me in the bed. I masturbated to orgasm both times. I was really ashamed about this for a long, long time. Now I know it was fucking hot and I'm really lucky to have experienced kink like that at such a young age.

24. I've only had orgasms with three guys, and with two of them I was only able to get off by self-stimulation. The only guy to get me off himself has been my husband.

25. I've been in love three times. All three guys' names started with the letter C. Go figure.