Thursday, March 10, 2011

1. I am an 18-year-old, bisexual woman. I consider myself bisexual because I am often attracted to/often fantasize about women. However, except for one glorious, albeit short-lived relationship, I have only been with men.

2. I love sex. My boyfriend and I are currently in a quasi-long distance relationship.. I only see him about once a week because I'm an hour away at school. When I am home, or when he comes to visit, we do very little other than talking and fucking. We can have sex for hours and hours, loving every second of it. Sometimes I worry that he may start to think it is all I need him for, which couldn't be further from the truth.

3. I'm unsure as to when exactly I lost my virginity. The first guy I slept with was my ex-boyfriend, and we tried to have sex a few times but couldn't get his penis to penetrate me. I have since learned that my vagina is very small at first, and needs a good deal of fingering before it's ready for a penis.

4. I love giving head. I used to give my ex-boyfriend blow jobs at least 5 times a week. However, my current boyfriend takes a long time to come (no matter what), and after trying it a few times early on I pretty much gave up. However, after some practice and a new approach to giving head (taking my time, playing, not just going in hard and deep right off the bat), I have found my love of blow jobs to be renewed. He was very happy to learn this.

5. Ever since I can remember, I've had random orgasms in times of stress. It's like my subconscious can tell I need relief, and it happily obliges. During tests, however...

6. Speaking of the mind, it is a VERY powerful sexual tool for me. Especially when I smoke pot. My friends and I often drive around, smoking and listening to music. One of them has a powerful truck, and the vibrations combine with the music (my favourite is Cradle of Filth- it gives me the most intense orgasms) are amazing! I've had sex on other drugs: ecstasy and acid. My orgasms on ecstasy were profound. It was a full-body, nerves on sweet, sweet fire, brain exploding orgasm. On LSD, it was like a continuous orgasm from the moment of entry, but the levels of the orgasm kept getting deeper and deeper, revealing layers of feeling that were so distinct, I could almost taste them (from someone who cannot smell/taste much at all; one short-lived side effect of the acid was that I could smell/taste clearly flavors I didn't even have a name for). Plus, the deep, growling sound my habitually quiet boyfriend made when he came was breathtaking, and I wished I could hear it again and again.

7. I watch A LOT of porn. My favorite fantasy to watch is glory-hole porn, especially when it is high quality... a gorgeous woman in a room with a variety of holes in the walls. She touches herself for a while, then comes a fantastic cock through one of the holes, and she sucks it joyously, as though she were craving just that. I saw one once where there was a hole in the floor (not sure how they managed that..) and the woman impaled herself on it! First her wonderfully dripping vagina, then her ass... god, if only that were me!

8. Anal... Oh, the dirtiest of pleasures. I admit, I was scared to try it at first... but I'm so glad I finally allowed my boyfriend to fuck me in the ass, because it's AMAZING. There is nothing quite like it. But we always have to use a condom because it just gets me so wet and then I just absolutely NEED to be fucked vaginally... always having the most intense orgasms, one after the other. I can't say no to multiple orgasms!

9. TITS! I have small breasts. A mere handful each for my boyfriend. I was always very self-conscious about their size, but would never consider getting implants. However, I now love my tits, due to having gotten them pierced earlier this year. My nipples have always been very sensitive, but now... I can orgasm just by having them licked, sucked on, and bitten. Also, my boyfriend loves to come all over them, especially after a great blow job/tit-job in which I playfully tease his cock with the metal.

10. Although we have yet to explore our truly kinky desires, one of my favorite positions involves me, lying face down, practically suffocating on the pillows. My boyfriend is on top of me, fucking me HARD (vagina or ass, doesn't matter) and holding my hands above my head so I can't move them, can't really move at all. It makes me feel so dominated.

11. Another fantasy of mine is to be gang-banged. I would want at least 5 men surrounding me, making me suck their dicks, pulling my hair, then touching me, sucking on my tits, my clit, making me so wet. Then fucking me, a dick in my ass, a dick in my vagina, a dick in my mouth and in each of my hands... I would be absolutely full of dick. It would be wonderful.

12. I was only with my only girlfriend for about a week. We were at running camp, and had a lot of free time and plenty of privacy (no one seemed to be expecting lesbians... boys weren't allowed in girls' cabins or vice versa, but we had no problems). She had brought a bullet vibrator to camp, as well as a ridiculously large black dildo. We would take turns using them together and on each other, as well as honing our cunnilingus skills. She tasted so good! Plus a woman's body is so innately sexy.. she had magnificent tits, and loved my ass. Together, she said, we were the perfect woman. Sadly, camp ended, and we decided not to try long distance. I would really love to have sex with a woman again.

13. My boyfriend and I have talked about having a threesome, but just don't know who we would ask. Neither of us has many female friends, and he's not particularly open to an MMF threesome. When we figure it out, though, I think it will be fantastic. I think he would love to have two women on him at once. A tandem blow job! I think that would be such great fun, and an incredible turn-on for him. Then one of us could ride his glorious dick while the other sat on his face! Then us ladies could make out at the same time. Or an oral-circle. Such exciting thoughts, I hope they become reality soon.

14. Mostly, I really just like to be naked. I try to be naked as often as possible. (This is not very often--I have roommates.) But yeah. Nakedness is where it's at. Clothes are such a bother. Someday I'm going to spend some time in a nudist colony. Not because I find it super-sexual, I mean, have you ever felt the delicious feeling of warm rays of sun making contact with your nipples/stomach/other patches of skin that never normally get to feel the sun? It's breathtaking.

15. My favorite sexual memory was actually foreplay. I randomly had some purple stick-on rhinestones, and found them in my nightstand one afternoon. Half-jokingly, I started to decorate my boyfriend's abdomen with them, forming an arrow from his chest, pointing all the way down to his cock, as well as encircling his adorable nipples with them. For the rest of the day they stayed there, and I often pulled up his shirt a bit to giggle. It was a fun reminder of what was to come that evening. The only downside (or not downside, as it makes us remember that night) is that we keep finding them everywhere, even months later!

16. The craziest place we ever had sex was outside one night. We were at a campfire in the forrest area near a friend's house. Slightly drunk, we wandered away from the party with the intentions of going on a midnight walk. The walk soon turned to a bit of kissing and playing, but after we walked past a small hill, he put his sweatshirt down on the ground, and we proceeded to fuck, wildly. It was like being outside unleashed our animalistic instincts. It was the most raw, inspiring sex I've ever had, and believe it or not, it was our first time together, after about 3 months of torturous waiting!

17. One thing I absolutely hate happening during sex is when my boyfriend hears a noise, and worries that people are about to interrupt us, so he pulls out and stops/pauses the action completely. Most of the time it's a false alarm, which is doubly irritating. I think it's because he was raised in a very sex-negative home. (I'm not allowed to go upstairs, and such). I was raised in a very open, sexually accepting home. My parents talked to me about sex fairly frequently throughout my childhood, which I believe contributes greatly to my openness and an overall sexually satisfying, non-ashamed life.

18. I don't think I would ever want to have a one-night stand. One-on-one sex feels so personal to me. It's a bonding point, a shared experience, a way to make lasting memories. Something to enjoy with someone you truly care about. It's important to me that sex isn't impersonal. There has to be a tangible person behind it, not just a random set of genitals. (Clearly, this hangup must greatly contribute to my glory hole fantasy. You always want what you can't/won't let yourself have...)

19. Oh yeah, here I am trying to think of things I haven't talked about yet, and here's a blatant one: Masturbation. Surprise! I don't really masturbate much, physically. Touching myself with my fingers doesn't produce much of a reaction. The most I usually do with myself physically is rest my hand on my vulva, maybe let my middle finger slip into my vagina. What I am fond of doing, however, is watching porn, resting my hand on myself, and empathetically bringing myself to orgasm through watching other females getting pleasured. My favourite pornstar is Cytheria, known for her gorgeous real (or extremely realistic) squirting orgasms. Often times I find myself lightly humping my hand in time with her.

20. That brings me to my utmost pet peeve in porn: when moans are just sooooo fake. I want the ladies I watch to be experiencing REAL pleasure. If I feel like she isn't, I can't get off either. I also really dislike porn blow jobs in which the woman has a huge dick forcibly shoved down her throat so that she just gags continuously for the whole duration. That is not fun for me to watch. Some gagging is fine, frankly, it's normal to gag a bit when deep throating, but the man should be respectful and allow her to back off a bit.

21. Cybersex (mutual masturbation on camera) is something of great interest to me, although I doubt it would work for me. How could I watch two things at the same time? I've tried just regular old touching yourself, thinking about things that make you hot... to no avail. I guess I'm a very visual person (despite being female, I guess this is why I'm going to art school). However, I just can't get over the idea of online exhibitionism. I think I would love to have sex with my boyfriend for a live webcam audience. That would be extremely hot for me.

22. A very cool fantasy date idea, in my opinion (of course, in reality, this would have to be discussed first, not a surprise date, and appropriate to the particular relationship), would be to go to an XXX club. Not a strip club, (although I wouldn't mind that either) but one of those wicked underground adult clubs where you're there, very scantily clad, possibly in leather/bondage-y clothing, and open pleasure is the whole point. You could just go up to a man and suck his cock for a while, then introduce yourself! Everyone is free to grab/massage/spank your ass, feel your tits... all in a normal, fairly safe environment. But I guess in real life the STD risk would be too high.

23. Oh, I do love a good spanking though! If you couldn't tell already, rough sex is where it's at for me. I love biting, spanking, overall rough play. However, I do not like to gag and choke on dick. That just feels gross. Thankfully, I've never experienced someone trying to do that to me on purpose.

24. One of my sillier fantasies (also one that I've lived a few blissful times) is for a man to give me a manicure/pedicure, then while the nail polish dries, he offers to lick and suck my pussy, since he doesn't want to ruin all of his hard work by fucking me, but needs something sexual right away, because touching my hands and feet (I really do have gorgeous hands/feet) has made him so horny. It feels so good, toes in the air, fingers spread on my tummy, in complete ecstasy. Then, when it's good and dry, he gets his turn! (Sex or a blow job. His pick, obviously).

25. (Thought of this because of the number.) My boyfriend and I have decided that for as long as we're together, we will have sex every year on Christmas, no matter how crazy busy it gets over the years. I don't want to grow up to be in a sex-less, non-intimate partnership/marriage. I don't want to lose sight of pleasure, life is too short to stop doing it when you reach middle age! So, at least this way, we have a yearly reminder of our ongoing commitment to great sex, but you know, I really hope it doesn't come down to that! (Note to self: make more sex-holidays!)