Friday, November 4, 2011

1. I am a 46-year-old male, married for 10 years with 2 children.

2. My wife and I are both kinky. She is a submissive masochist and I am a dominant sadist.

3. Sex with my wife always involves me causing her pain in some way. Usually this means spanking her ass or cunt, slapping her tits and pinching her nipples.

4. I am careful to stay within her pain limits, though. This is sometimes frustrating for me.

5. The only kind of pain that I cause her that she does not like is slapping her face while I fuck her.

6. Despite 4 above, I almost always slap her face while I fuck her. She is totally cool with this.

7. When we first met (through a web site), we tried to have a full on D/s relationship. We found this didn't work for us, particularly when the kids came along. Now our kink is mainly a bedroom-only thing, but she knows that if she really stepped out of line that I would punish her for it.

8. No one who knows us would ever believe that we are kinky.

9. We regularly have anal sex. One of my wife’s main fantasies is to have me piss into her ass. I have never done this, though, as it just is not a turn-on for me.

10. I do, however, enjoy pissing into her mouth. She likes this too.

11. When my wife sucks my cock, she will generally lick my asshole too.

12. Despite the fact that I can do anything I want to my wife and have fulfilled pretty much every fantasy I have ever had with her, I still sometimes toy with the idea of finding another woman to fuck on the side.

13. Despite the fact that I can have any kind of sex I want with my wife any time I want it, I still masturbate at least once a week.

14. Weirdly, when I masturbate I fantasize about doing all the things I regularly do to my wife, except in the fantasies I am doing them to someone else.

15. The biggest turn-on for me is that the person I am doing these things to, really really wants me to do them. I would not be turned on at all by the thought of doing these things to an unwilling 'victim.'

16. I occasionally fantasize about dominating a man: beating the crap out of him, pissing on him and then having him suck me off. I am almost afraid of the violence that I feel I might be capable of in this situation.

17. My first sexual experience was with a male priest. He got me drunk and sucked my cock. I have never told anyone that before. I was about 14 at the time.

18. This priest would be an excellent candidate for the victim role in #16.

19. Apart from #17 above, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 19.

20. I have had sex with about 10 women in my life.

21. Every woman I have ever had sex with was kinky in some way. This leads me to believe that pretty much all women harbor some kinkiness of some sort.

22. As I get older, my desire for sex is diminishing. This pisses me off no end.

23. I wish I had a bigger cock. Mine is of average size, but I wish it was bigger. I also wish I produced more cum.

24. I occasionally come too soon (before I am ready). This is very frustrating.

25. I have toyed with the idea in the past of finding another submissive woman to join me and my wife in a threesome. She is open to this idea, but my occasional premature ejaculation makes me nervous about it.