Saturday, November 5, 2011

1. I am a queer, poly, kinky, femme young woman. I've only recently become more comfortable with the term "femme."

2. I finally had my first kiss with another woman at the age of 19. She and I dated for approximately 3 months.

3. I once had a threesome with said woman and her long-term male partner in their apartment. He watched us have sex, I watched them have sex. Her partner and I did not have sex. It was good, sober, sexy fun. Prior to this lovely occurrence, I often slept over at their place. We made an awesome body sandwich.

4. I enjoy being tied up, blindfolded and tickled. Sometimes I enjoy being tortured, other times I like it more playful. I still feel a lot of shame about my tickle fetish, which I'm sure I developed at a young age.

5. One of my fantasies is to be bound and tickled by a few people at once. One would stimulate my clit with a feather. They would deny me an orgasm until they wanted me to come.

6. I also have a foot fetish. I love to play with other people's feet and have my own played with. This involves tickling and kissing. I also enjoy having my toes sucked.

7. Porn, for the most part, really doesn't excite me. However, I get turned on by watching videos of people being tickled, primarily women.

8. I have never performed oral sex on another woman, however I would very much like to.

9. I do not enjoy being penetrated, although recently I think my partner found my "G-spot."

10. I have multiple erogenous zones. A few of them are my lower back, feet, neck, breasts and thighs.

11. I love reading feminist erotica.

12. I am a member of FetLife and the Tickling Media Forum.

13. I think black latex gloves are quite sexy.

14. I own under-the-bed restraints which are pretty easy to use.

15. I am primarily attracted to curvy women.

16. I don't masturbate often, but when I do, I usually will masturbate multiple times that day. Masturbating before bed helps me fall asleep.

17. I really value and enjoy being in polyamorous relationships. Right now though, I'm currently in a long-term monogamous relationship. I often question monogamy and the ways in which it can be very limiting.

18. I own at least 3 vibrators.

19. I love giving hickeys.

20. I've had four friends in the past who I met through TMF and had tickle sessions with. Tickling men turns me on. I've never yet had the chance to tickle another woman.

21. I came out as bisexual at the age of 16.

22. I am interested in becoming a sex educator/therapist. I would especially like to work with individuals who are LGBTQI, kinky and/or poly.

23. I constantly wonder how many other people I know share my fetishes.

24. I frequently fantasize about having sex in public places: in an alleyway, behind a tree, in the backseat of a car.

25. I hope to one day be fully comfortable with my body and the ways in which I express arousal.