Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1) I'm a bisexual young woman and have been out of the closet since 2008. That is also the year that I lost my virginity to the guy who later became my fuckbuddy (and still is).

2) Up until last New Year's I'd had sex with nine different people. I then made a resolution to double that number this year, though it's now the last day of 2011 and i have four more to go. Looks like I'm having an orgy tonight, eh?

3) I am bi, but I've only had sex with one girl. She was my best friend at the time, and we were really drunk. Later, when I came out, she was freaked since she's actually straight and we haven't been friends since. Not that I care, though, not any more at least. I've learned that the friends that stay with me after learning about me fancying girls as well are the friends truly worth having.

4) I've only had one serious relationship in the last three years and I didn't even have sex with him. I'm kinda glad I didn't; our "love" was the biggest joke ever. I still have no idea how we even got together.

5) I don't believe in love being important when it comes to sex, but I would never sleep with someone I don't trust. Which is the advice I give to my still-virgin friends.

6) I love being dominated, but only in bed. Otherwise I'm the one in charge.

7) I like it rough. I love knowing that he (or she) could hurt me really badly, but he (or she) know where I draw the line, and doesn't cross it. It's a trust thing.

8) My fuckbuddy, K, and I recently got back together after him having a girlfriend (who really didn't like me. Wonder why) for almost a year. We celebrated our reunion with having sex for a whole weekend, along with trying anal for the first time. I really liked it and it didn't hurt at all, which surprised me, but I'm still feeling a bit uncomfortable about it so we haven't done it since. Just a bit of fingering during oral, which was amazing.

9) A couple of nights ago I had this incredible sex dream where K was taking me up the ass while someone unknown lay underneath me licking me at the same time. I felt so good I can't even begin to describe it and I was miserable when I had to wake up from it. I told K about it and he promised me that we'll play it out in real life, as soon as I decide who I want number three to be. I'm really losing sleep over this one. Do I want a girl or a boy? A girl would be more fun for both of us, but I kinda have a feeling that the third person in my dream was a guy. Besides, it's a secret fantasy of mine to be pleased by two guys at the same time. Yet I would love having more sexual experiences with women.

10) I adore gay guys. I really do. I watch guy-on-guy porn, and read guy-on-guy erotic short stories. I also love fan-fiction, especially the pairing of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. I think I'm addicted. It's not just the sex thing, though. It's the fact that these men love each other enough and are confident enough not to care about our screwed-up society's prejudices. It's awesome! And cute. And hot.

11) For a short period of time I wanted to be a boy, just so I could have sex with other boys. And make out in public.

12) Oh yeah, my fuckbuddy is also my best friend. When we don't have sex for hours and hours we walk around town for hours and hours and discuss politics. We both have very strong opinions and basically feel the same about most things, but there are enough areas of disagreement for us to piss each other off from time to time. I think it's our chemistry--we have to either have sex or fight.

13) I always use a condom. I haven't even bothered to get another kind of birth control because I know it would give me an excuse to skip the rubber and I really don't want any STDs.

14) I masturbate an average of three times a day, mostly with the fingers of my right hand on my clit and the fingers of my left hand in my ass. This started around the same time as i discovered gay porn.

15) I send and receive dirty pictures more often than I want to admit.

16) I love talking about sex, but the only friends I have around on a regular basis are either virgins or just embarrassed. The only girlfriends I can talk to about the sexy stuff are my beloved cousin who lives two hours away and a friend from school who moved to a city five hours away after graduation. She was in town yesterday, though, so we met at our favorite pub and drank beer and talked loudly about nothing but sex for three hours.

17) I'm not really into older people, but sometimes I come across a really hot man and all I can think is "Oh, I'd like to wrap my legs around that."

18) I love the taste of nipples, it tastes like no other place on the body. Incredible!

19) My fantasy woman is tall, slender, pale, freckled and has long red hair. My fantasy man is tall, kinda slender but with muscles and broad shoulders, tanned, dark-haired, and has a scratchy beard to tickle my neck with.

20) I love being taken from behind with my face in the mattress and his hands pressing down on my lower back until it feels like he is going to snap my spine in half.

21) I've had outdoor sex a lot of times, and every-fucking-time I've ended up with ant bites all over.

22) I often get amused during foreplay and sex, but I try not to laugh openly since I feel it might be offensive. Sometimes they have it coming, though. Like that time K kissed me on the tip of my nose. Guess you could say I'm not the romantic type.

23) My biggest fear in life is getting raped. Just the thought of having someone inside me that I don't want there has me fighting back tears. Every time I read about someone getting raped I can't help but cross my legs and tense every muscle in my lower body. The fact that there's people out there who could actually do that to someone has me equally bemused and infuriated.

24) I think the female body is incredibly beautiful in all its shapes and forms, and that it's only topped by the male body.

25) I have this secret fantasy of becoming a stripper, but I know I would never have the guts to act on it.