Saturday, January 21, 2012

1. I'm a 20-year-old non-virgin, and I know quite little about sex.

2. I don't really like watching porn, except if it is lesbian porn. I'm a girl of words, so I prefer written erotica; in fact, it turns me on sometimes.

3. Based on my past relationships, I'm straight, but I can't deny my attraction to girls. Sometimes, depending on the person, I say I am bisexual.

4. I do not own a sex toy yet, but I want to get one before I'm 21.

5. I kissed a girl once, and I cannot tell if I really liked it.

6. I fantasize about sex with one of my closest friends. Her lips look ah!-mazing.

7. I've had sex with only 2 guys. I got introduced by the first, and the second schooled me a bit.

8. I am extremely attracted to myself, and I sometimes fantasize about myself.

9. I got my first oral sex while I was 19 from my second. I love it, and it took that long because my first did not like the smell of pussy.

10. I still want to have sex with my first, and we fucked for a while after we broke up. Actually pretty much until the second and I mentioned the words "girlfriend" and "boyfriend."

11. I have forgotten how just kissing feels, and this Barbados boy is teaching me. The guys I fucked turned me on from kissing, and I love to move fast to the sex part.

12. I have never had a threesome but I constantly think about it. I share that with a lot of guys I have something with. I want one with m/f/me or f/f/me.

13. I'm a cynical romantic, so I like to move straight to sex (not a big fan of foreplay, although I'm a tease), but I love/ appreciate little romantic gestures.

14. There are so many places I want to have sex. In one word, EVERYWHERE.

15. I love sex, but contrary to what my partners may think, I'm entirely independent of it, although some days, I get this insane craving.

16. I masturbate, but not really. While it is fun, just remember the orgasms I gave myself, what was I typing? Refer to #15 and #4 for why I hardly masturbate.

17. I've been told that I flirt a lot, although most times I am totally oblivious to it until I see the effects or I am told about it. I still do not believe I can flirt, but then I've been given high flirting ratings by my friends.

18. I have this cute innocent face, and this has driven my fantasies. Some involve older men (like forties), but most always end up getting back to women. I want a cougar.

19. I have a really perverted mind, and I find sexual references in the least obvious plain words.

20. My first told me that I give a mean BJ. I don't know if this has to do with the fact that we love each other, but I do put my all to giving BJs. And I do not like men to give me BJs, except that they turn me on and help with my self-fantasies.

21. I do not have a compiled list of people I will fuck, but most times when i refer to a person as hot, I basically want to fuck them.

22. When I'm talking to a guy and my eyes wander to his crotch area, I like to imagine the size of his dick, if it is not already obvious from his bulge, and imagine it going deep in me.

23. I still have religious conflict with my love for sex and my non-virgin status.

24. While kissing, I'm not a big fan of exchanging saliva (germ issues), and I used to love kissing. I've kissed, I think, six people. I do not keep count.

25. I love walking about my house naked.