Monday, March 19, 2012

1. I’m a 27-year-old woman, currently single, and though I’m not counting, I guess I have had sex with around 15 guys (and no girls) so far.

2. I’m a sucker for people who know how to touch my back and neck. It's the key to turning me on, calming me down, making me fall in love.

3. I first explored many of my fantasies through Dungeons & Dragons role playing games, while being in a sexual relationship with the game master.

4. I stayed in a relationship with that guy way longer than I should have because he gave me amazing head and made me come forever and ever, again and again. No one I’ve been with later have reached that level of competency with my cunt.

5. One of the most erotic experiences I’ve had with my clothes on was a private tango lesson.

6. Another was playful fighting.

7. I get turned on by lack of control, and enjoy some physical domination, like being held down.

8. Some pain can potentially be a turn-on, humiliation is a big turn-off.

9. I usually can’t masturbate with only my hands, it’s too predictable. It’s like tickling myself, it doesn’t work. Vibrators work like a charm.

10. One of my favorite fantasies while masturbating is simply floating naked in the sea with the sun sparking off me and the waves. Another is tentacle rape.

11. I used to have very conflicted feelings about causal sex, and had big problems asking for what I want. Not any more. I can be very cuddly and intimate with someone I have no intention of being sexual with again. This sometimes leads to them thinking that we could become “something more,” even though I try to always make my intentions very clear to both me and my partner if I only want casual sex.

12. I love to figure out another person's tics and nerve paths and individual preferences. The best part is to discover something they didn’t know themselves.

13. I love giving blow jobs. The control, finding out exactly what he likes, seeing him enjoy it, keeping him on the edge... Huge turn-ons. I like coming with his cock in my mouth during 69.

14. A huge turn-on is when the guy I’m with gets so turned on they stop controlling themselves. I usually get really frustrated with people who are concentrating too hard on holding back forever, never letting go, losing the spontaneity and fun of it.

15. I collect porn, mostly images, mostly not from mainstream porn, picked from tumblr blogs. Some repeating topics are people who are smiling or laughing during sex, “artistic” photos, vintage pictures, smutty art, manga tentacle rape, and some man-on-man-themed pics.

16. The more sex I have, the more sex I want. If I don't have a steady partner, I don't have a very strong sex drive.

17. The last 8 months, being single, it seems like I’ve entered a cycle where I’m OK for 1.5 months and then I have sex with the first convenient person I’m attracted to.

18. I don’t have a clear preference for a specific body type, age or complexion.

19. I sometimes come in my sleep, and wake up in the middle of it. It’s amazing.

20. I’ve had anal sex 4 times. One of them was great, the rest meh.

21. I enjoy taking naked (sexy or not) self portraits. I’ve posted some of them on the internet, and I’ve sent some to guys when we were together. I’m not at all worried about them turning up somewhere.

22. Intelligence, personal integrity and a strong sense of morals are huge turn-ons for me.

23. I love reading sexually themed blogs.

24. I like to bite. Not ever hard enough to leave marks, but apparently sometimes hard enough that it hurts.

25. I would like to have sex with a woman if the opportunity presented itself.