Thursday, December 13, 2012

1. I'm a nineteen-year-old gender-fluid. Mostly I identify and function as a cis woman; occasionally I'll play at being a man. For now I identify as a bisexual, not because I think there are two genders, but because I've not so far been attracted to a person of any other identity.

2. I lost my virginity at sixteen to my then-boyfriend, in a coercive rape, and I didn't realize what it was until a year later when I broke up with him.

3. After I lost my virginity, I spent the next two and a half years thinking I was asexual, as I never really wanted sex and it was never fun, but I still did it with one other boyfriend because it wasn't unpleasant and he thought it was the base of any relationship. He dumped me because I wasn't very good at sex.

4. I think the terms 'fuck buddy' and 'friends with benefits' are not interchangeable, I think a fuck buddy is just a person you use for sex, and they do the same to you, but a friend with benefits is a genuine friend, and you also have a sexual relationship, but not a romantic one.

5. In the summer after I graduated high school I met my first friend with benefits, we met in a bar and went back to his with a few mutual friends, and I told him I didn't like sex. At the time, I thought I was somehow broken (physically) and it just didn't feel that great, but I'd try anyway, because I did get some enjoyment out of seeing someone find pleasure in me. Over the course of a few months, he helped me enjoy sex, although I still thought I was broken as I hadn't orgasmed, even through masturbation, which I didn't like.

6. I helped my current boyfriend overcome his fear of sex, and one time, quite by accident, orgasmed.

7. I now enjoy masturbation frequently, as it is difficult for me to orgasm from penetration.

8. I think my clitoris is really on the tiny side.

9. I enjoy taking a submissive role in sex, being pinned down, bitten, but no so much spanked. I enjoy finding teeth marks or pressure bruises the next morning.

10. My current boyfriend doesn't know I sometimes identify as male, but I don't think less of him or think he'd love me less, I just don't think it's a part of our relationship.

11. Light strokes on my lower back and lips on my nipples are a big turn-on.

12. All people attracted to me like/d my legs, my friend with benefits couldn't say a word against me when I wore a skirt or dress. But he never made me feel like an object.

13. I'm a little curious about anal, but my first boyfriend tried to force it "accidentally" and it was incredibly painful and I bled, so Im a little hesitant, and I don't feel like it's something I have to do, especially since my boyfriend is quite 'normal' when it comes to sex.

14. I've never used a sex toy, don't really feel the need.

15. I'm quite easy to arouse.

16. I think it's weird that romantic love is the only kind that allows any intimacy in its physical expression. My dearest friend is my old friend with benefits (without benefits now), and while I don't feel a sexual attraction to him any more, I feel like a kiss on the cheek doesn't convey how deeply I love him (platonically).

17. I wonder if there are things someone who identifies as a lesbian could teach me about my own sexuality.

18. I'm very self-conscious of my orgasm. I think it's a reason I like to be submissive, because I feel embarrassed or exposed being on top during sex.

19. Size matters a little to me. It's not the end of the world, but deep penetration feels great, and it's easier for me to orgasm.

20. I like after-sex naps, especially spooning with my partner. I like the closeness and coziness of someone holding me to them, I feel like it's a happy, lazy continuation of our intimacy.

21. I feel weird about being vocal during sex, but hearing moans and gasps from my partner is really arousing.

22. I think oral sex is way more intimate than people make it out to be, and I've only ever done it to my current boyfriend, and only once, because I wanted to please him without thinking about me, but he never really liked it, so it's just not really something that is part of my sexual world.

23. I enjoy the company of people older than myself, not so much for sexual attraction, but because I enjoy being with people who can teach me something, and who I can have intelligent conversations with, but on the reverse I think that kind of relationship can be dangerous for the younger person if the elder is simply using them and exploiting their ignorance.

24. My boyfriend has a lower sex drive than I do, but I don't often crave sex.

25. I can make myself orgasm in under a minute.