Monday, March 30, 2009

1. I was quite the tomboy growing up and viewed boys more as friends than as potential sexual partners. This view changed around the age of 14 when I got my first boyfriend. We never did more than kiss and touch but he awakened my desire to think about sex on a regular basis.
2. I was molested on several different occasions while growing up... all at a fairly young age. I never told anyone. None of the molestings were what you would call violent... mostly stroking inside my clothes... my pants etc. All the molesters were grown men. I know they happened but I don't dwell on them very often.
3. When I was around 6 I spied on my aunt and uncle through the bedroom keyhole. They were engaged in 69 and even in my young mind I found it incredibly hot... even though I didn't fully realize what they were doing. I still think about that memory today. I remember my uncle had quite a large penis.
4. When I was 17 I had my first sexual encounter with my boyfriend other than kissing and touching. He tried masturbating me but wasn't very good at it. This opened my eyes to the world of masturbation. I wasn't very good at it either in the beginning...very rough and impatient. I learned over time how to treat my body and became quite good at it. The first time I saw his penis I wasn't too impressed... it was small and shriveled and ugly.
5. My mother thought I was having sex quite a long time before I actually was. This made me feel incredibly angry as I was being accused of being a slut when I had done nothing even remotely slutty. Meanwhile my older sister slept with anything that walked by... I sometimes wish I had been more interested in sex then because I got into lots of trouble and grounded many times over something I wasn't even doing.
6. The first time I had actual sex with my boyfriend it wasn't anything like I thought it would be. He was only about 5 inches long...I couldn't even feel him inside me. We had sex several times after that but when I moved on and slept with another man eventually...the first time we had sex it hurt quite a lot...which makes me believe my first boyfriend was too small to break my hymen.
7. I haven't had that many sexual partners, only 6...but I have had sexual encounters with at least 12.
8. A guy in my apartment building asked me out to a movie one night. I ended up giving him a blow job in the dark parking lot of our's the only time I ever swallowed. I didn't like it as it caught me off guard. I didn't even know his name.
9. Another guy in the same building spent a few weeks flirting with me... then invited me up to his flat one day. I went up and he was stretched out on his bed rubbing the largest dick I have ever personally seen. The size of it terrified me and I was only able to bring myself to give him a hand job. To this day I wish I had "tried" him out.
10. Another guy I met chatting on the internet. We had some very erotic chat for a few weeks and I really expressed myself with him. One night on a spur of the moment decision I called him and arranged a meeting. We fucked for 2 hours and it was very hot. I let him fuck me anally and even though it hurt...I really enjoyed it. The only other time we had sex was while I was on my period. He said it didn't matter and we had some of the hottest sex ever. It was a messy but very sensual and erotic. The only thing I didn't like about that encounter was the fact that he was incredibly hairy. I forced myself to ignore that fact.
11. I had sex with a guy named Bryan Adams just because of his name... it was boring and very uninspired. He told me later he had herpes... but I never caught it.
12. I was married for 20 years and my ex-husband was a sexual machine. He could never get enough. In the beginning I liked it... eventually I grew tired of the continuous onslaught. He generally only cared about his own satisfaction... only rarely did he give me any attention. I masturbated a lot in those 20 years. I cheated on my husband in our 19th year of marriage. The guy I did it with was really into a woman's body... and his talk alone was enough to strip you of your inhibitions. Very hot and sexy. The first sexual encounter we had was in his truck with the side door open so he could reach me. He went down on me and it was wonderful. We only had sex once... it was better than with my ex... but not as good as I let my imagination believe it would be. The sexiest thing about him was that he would really listen to me when I talked. Men don't understand how hot that can be.
13. I like viewing porn but I prefer man on man. For some reason I like seeing a man being penetrated. I rarely watch male/female porn. I find it staged and boring. I also don't care much for lesbian porn. I also prefer watching sex scenes in which you really can't see "everything"...I find the mystery extremely hot.
14. I have never in my life been attracted to women... but I met a woman 3 years ago who I clicked with almost immediately. Within a short time she was definitely giving off signs of interest. I didn't know what to do about it as I didn't consider myself bi or a lesbian. Eventually she "attacked" me one day and I had my first sexual encounter with a woman. It was very rough and painful as it was her first encounter as well. We were both married at the time. While I did have an orgasm by her that day... I was shocked by the fact that I might be a lesbian. I have no feelings against lesbians but I had never considered women as sexual partners. We have been lovers now for 3 years and it's some of the best sex I have ever had. I'm divorced now but she is still married and likely to remain that way.
15. I consider myself bi because even though my long term lover is female I still desire men and fantasize about them. I've never been attracted to another woman since starting this relationship with her.
16. We experimented with a dildo one day and it was so hot when I kept it between my thighs and she rode me like a wild woman. She had a very intense orgasm and it was a beautiful experience. She can be a mixture of aggression and tenderness depending on how horny she is. She never tells me no if I want her... and she always shows signs of desire for me... always. She is obsessed with my breasts and will lay in bed stroking them or sucking them for hours if I let her. She is very adventurous and is up for anything no matter how "perverse" it may seem.
17. She's extremely jealous of my continued interest in men.
18. I fantasize about watching her have sex with a man. I want to watch her being fucked... I want to see the expression on her face... hear her grunting and coming. Although she is married I don't think about her husband as the man in my fantasy... he is a dickhead.
19. I'm almost positive her husband knows we are having a sexual relationship. She doesn't hide it very well around people. I also believe he would gladly fuck me if I let him. He has shown signs of wanting me. As I said... he is a dickhead... he will never get that chance.
20. I think about finding a man to have sex with as I do miss having an actual dick penetrate me... but I'm not sure I want to risk my relationship with her. Other than the fact that she is married... we are nearly a perfect match for each other. I could picture myself spending the rest of my life with her.
21. I have been divorced for 2 years now and have almost completely wiped out the memories of my 20 year marriage. Even though we have 5 children between us... I think of him very little. I never think about the sex we had or what he subjected me to.
22. My children are almost all in their late teens now and I think about them and their first sexual encounters. I hope they have better first sex then I did. As much as I would like to imagine they will be careful and not just sleep around until they are married... I also know that in today's society that is not likely to happen. I try not to get too worked up over it.
23. I'm 40 years old now and wonder if I will ever desire marriage again... if I will be satisfied with this relationship with my female lover even though we will likely never be able to really be together like a couple... I wonder if I will ever get to try out sexual scenarios that I fantasize about and how I will handle them if I do get the chance.
24. I go through spells of hot and cold. For weeks at a time I'm horny all the time. I think about sex constantly and search it out on TV and the net. I let her have her way with me. Whatever she wants. I'm in a constant state of desire and it takes very little to make me orgasm. Other times I just seem to lose my desire for sex... and I'm not really interested in it for a while. This frustrates her as she wants it all the time. She seems to enjoy going down on me even if I'm not really in the mood... will work on me for as long as it takes to bring me to orgasm. Sometimes I go down on her even when I don't feel in the mood... at these times I find it slightly repulsive. I have never let her know I feel this way.
25. I think about sex with strangers a lot. Just to pick someone out and go to town with them is very hot to me. I can be somewhat held back during sex... but my encounter with chat guy in the previous post makes me believe that anonymous sex is just my thing. No judgments... no calls tomorrow...n othing to hold me back. I meet men and immediately wonder what it would be like to just be fucked sideways by them. It's very hot.