Saturday, April 4, 2009

1. I'm 26 and have never had sex. I don't want to be a virgin, but I am. It killed me until I was 24 or 25 and got to suck on a girl's nipples... I guess that was far enough that I could deal with it.
2. I've been masturbating since I was three. My parents used to tell me I shouldn't do it and my religious beliefs made me feel guilty about it as I got older, but I kept on wanking. I'm glad that all of that hasn't made me TOO crazy.
3. I haven't made anyone cum until recently, when I posted an audio file of myself masturbating on the Internet. Apparently I brought a lot of girls to some great orgasms, but, strangely enough, that didn't do much for me. I guess I need to be there for it to have an effect on me.
4. When I started masturbating, I did it face-down, on my belly. I would grind my dick between my right hand and my thigh, and it felt great. This is why I get so turned on when I see women masturbating in this position.
5. I started shaving my dick and balls 3-4 years ago. I don't keep up with it very well anymore (as it takes a lot of time), but it was a great decision. Hairy balls look and feel gross.
6. I used to stuff sweatpants with towels so they were shaped like legs and put 'breasts' into pillows I connected to those legs. I was very sex-starved as a young man.
7. I feel a little guilty about it, but I like videos where the girls pretend to be asleep and the guys fuck them, I think because I feel like that's the only way I could get laid (I clearly have a lot of sexual issues). I would never do this, though, and I have no interest in videos in which the girls are actually asleep.
8. Although I'm uninterested in videos of girls actually being fucked in their sleep against their will, I guiltily admit that I enjoy spy videos of girls masturbating.
9. I desperately want girls to watch me masturbate.
10. I've videotaped myself masturbating before, and really want to find a girl who wants to watch it. I'm not willing to randomly post it on the Internet, though.
11. Watching my own masturbation video makes me pretty hot.
12. I'm a teacher; my students are mostly 18-year-old freshmen. As much as it would make things awkward in class, I wish some of my students would come on to me. Especially the quiet, shy ones.
13. With the right person, just bumping into them can make me incredibly hot.
14. I'm so desperate for touch and affection lately that when one of my (male) friends was recently jokingly dancing up against me, it made me feel incredibly comforted. I wish there wasn't a sexual stigma against guys touching people, because touch means so much to me.
15. I'm awful with the standard male role of 'taking charge' and 'making the first move.' I need women to make that first move, but am rarely attracted to the type of women who do.
16. Because of #15, I wish I were gay. It would make my life a lot easier. I'm not remotely attracted to men, though.
17. I once made a fake vagina out of one of those pink, squishy nerf gel footballs. I used it a few times, but it didn't really work out.
18. I would have a hard time cumming into a woman's mouth or on her face. Even if she told me she liked it, it seems way too gross for anyone to like it. I can't stand when guys do this in porn videos.
19. I fantasize about having public sex. I guess it's the thrill of getting caught.
20. I fantasize about public masturbation, hoping for some girl to walk in on me and like it... I know that that outcome is unlikely, though, so I don't indulge in this fantasy.
21. I once almost had an orgasm just from stroking my foot with my fingernail. Sadly, one of my roommates walked in before I was done, and I haven't been able to recreate those sensations since.
22. When a lot of my friends see girls they're attracted to, they imagine them naked, but I'm quite different about my fantasies. I just imagine them pressed up against me and what my hands would feel running over their bodies. I get so much more pleasure from touch than visual stimuli, it's nuts.
23. I love having my nipples sucked on or played with.
24. I've had nothing feel better than when a girl ran her fingers on my stomach just above my dick, teasing me... she turned out to be nothing but a tease, but that teasing was amazing.
25. The idea of making a girl cum is so much hotter to me than the idea of a girl making me cum.