Saturday, April 4, 2009

1. I am really happy with my sex life thus far. I am in my late 20s and have had a few disappointing episodes, though nothing I regret. But there is still so much more I want to do.

2. I am really attracted to and turned on by gay guys. I have kissed quite a few pretty passionately but haven’t gone any further. I think I am attracted to their overt sexuality and potential for fucking hard. I am also really into gay male porn.

3. I like to be dominated and find that being blindfolded turns me into a hugely submissive slut. Maybe it’s the relinquishing of responsibility but I am willing to do anything at that point.

4. I love to dominate too. Either I will get my partner to lie very still and I will kiss them and do things to them, ordering them not to move, or I will restrain them physically so that they can’t. In one of my favourite sessions I wanked the guy off whilst whispering smut in his ear, as if he were a prisoner and I was his guard. That was fun. I have introduced a lot of guys to the potential pleasure to be had of having me play with their ass.

5. I enjoy the power of feeling like I am in control of fucking the guy (even though he is penetrating me) or when I am fucking him with a strap-on, or my fist, or a toy. I like to be in a certain position when doing this; either behind him doggy style or above him missionary position.

6. I discovered the potential of my sexuality at a very young age. I developed breasts and was a c-cup by the time I left primary school (aged 11). I am known in various groups of friends as being the most sexual one and frequently have friends indicate their curiosity about fucking me.

7. I fantasise a lot about girls but have little interest in them in real life. I have kissed a few, and enjoy the type whom I can dominate – pushing them up against a wall and making them feel like they can’t resist. I feel that if I did fuck a woman, I’d either want her to be a novice and I be in total control, or she to be hugely experienced and to dominate me. No in-between.

8. I love having sex on any type of drug or stimulant and have done so for a personal record of 8 hours once.

9. I have sex with people who interest me or who I am curious about. Some would describe my indifferent nature to social regulation as sluttish. I see it as experimental and none of their business. I enjoy what I do, and take measures to ensure people’s health isn’t jeopardised and their feelings don’t get hurt.

10. I love being photographed and videoed but don’t like to keep them afterwards. Some of the photos, maybe, but none of the videos.

11. I would love to fuck a virgin guy. I have taught a guy who’d never tried it how to go down on a woman. That was hot.

12. I very narrowly avoided being gang raped at a festival after being spiked with a date rape drug. Although I try hard not to think about it, I sometimes wonder if I would ever have come through that and whether it’s had an impact on my sexuality since. Somewhat perversely, I read some Literotica stories about hypnotised/drugged rape and they turned me on immensely.

13. I am an exhibitionist and love to get up to sexual stuff in public. As well as parks and in the car on motorways, I’ve fucked, sucked, self-masturbated, been masturbated, and masturbated others on public transport frequently. I also like taking off my underwear when I’m with a partner, giving it to them and spending the rest of the night with their fingers in my pussy as often as possible.

14. I find the thought of ‘glory holes’ and giving anonymous blowjobs a huge turn on. Again, I don’t know if I’d do it, but I like the thought of it.

15. I love fucking/giving blowjobs in front of mirrors, sooooo much better than porn.

16. It took me a long time to be able to take cum in my mouth. I still haven’t gotten as far as swallowing, but enjoy the feeling of having some guy shoot his load in my mouth, especially if he’s holding my head in place.

17. My once long held adversity to blow jobs meant that I built up a pretty good hand job technique. This is something that is usually overlooked in sex and comes as a welcomed ‘blast from the past’ to many guys who’d forgotten how good it can feel.

18. I love having guys come on my face. A lot are shocked when I ask them to do this (usually whilst talking dirty to them about what they are doing to me and what I want them to do to me next). I also like it across my tits or ass, but especially all over my face.

19. I love having my nipples bitten hard. It usually surprises my partners how hard I can take it. Sometimes, usually just before my period, I can come just through having my breasts and nipples played with. That’s when I really feel like I properly ‘let go’ as with sex there’s always the fear he will stop, slow down, change position etc just as I’m departing from my senses.

20. I used to have a boyfriend with whom I was constantly aroused. He would do this look that would make me instantly wet. When he went down on me, I was literally climbing up the wall behind the bed as it was so intense. A couple of times he made me cum so hard my arms went numb. I was often fit for nothing for at least 2 mins after I’d stopped orgasming. I loved that he’d pull my legs further apart, climb in between them and start fucking me, making me cum again 2 or 3 more times vaginally. Despite breaking up and seeing other people, we’re still in contact as you don’t get that sort of intensity with someone very often.

21. I love to be rimmed and have my ass played with. Although I don’t mind doing it to others, I feel I don’t have it done enough to me, and often don’t feel comfortable asking people to do it.

22. The first time I had sex was amazing. It was with my boyfriend who was 10 years older than me and lasted for almost 3 hours. The next day I couldn’t leave him alone and we did it another 3 times. That weekend we had more sex than I’ve ever had in a weekend since!

23. I had a friend who was a foot fetishist and I discovered this when his ‘innocent’ massaging of my feet turned to him sucking my toes and moaning quite heavily. As we were surrounded my (equally as surprised) friends at the time, and another guy I was casually fucking, I made him stop. If we hadn’t have been in that situation, I would have let him carry on as I was intrigued and slightly turned on too.

24. I went through a period of waking up whilst cumming in my sleep. This is the most amazing feeling and I am upset that I’ve not experienced it for a few years now.

25. Covering my body, particularly my breasts, in baby oil gets me really, really horny. I love to feel my breasts sliding across my partner’s chest, or him sliding his cock over and between them. You can’t have enough of the stuff in my opinion!