Thursday, October 29, 2009

1. At 30 years old I am technically still a virgin. This comes from a combination of being raised in a religious family, being extremely picky about guys, and living for a long time as an asexual.

2. I first discovered orgasm in third grade while riding a bouncing pony on the playground. I often continued to use this toy to have very happy private moments.

3. I also found that rubbing against something could bring about what I called the "pee feeling" (before I knew the term orgasm). I often masturbated this way as a child.

4. My first love gave me my first orgasm with another person. We were making out in bed and he was rubbing my lower stomach (no where near my genitals). I tried very hard to hold still and hide my pleasure when he made me climax.

5. Later in our relationship he talked me into letting him masturbate me. I had my first orgasm that he knew about on a pile of dirty clothes on his bedroom floor. We often mutually masturbated and he loved watching me "go crazy."

6. We would also often take off our pants and he would rub me with his penis through our underwear. I knew little about sex at this young age and once worried I somehow got pregnant from this activity.

7. I cannot imagine having sex with someone I am not in love with. I could never have sex with a stranger and will probably never have a one night stand.

8. I would, however, love to masturbate with a stranger in a semi-public place.

9. I do enjoy having cybersex and have been told I am very good at talking dirty and getting people off during the act.

10. I fantasize often about being held down or tied up and moaning while I am pumped very hard.

11. I enjoy masturbating and do it almost daily.

12. I love listening to the sound of people orgasming, and especially like timing my own climax to match theirs.

13. I would like to try having a sexual experience with a lesbian or bisexual woman, but am only interested in a relationship with a man.

14. I get turned on very easily and get very, very wet.

15. I think I am very good at orgasming and can come very quickly in a variety of ways.

16. When I am alone I love to moan and scream when I orgasm.

17. My first love also gave me my first experience with oral sex. He said he wanted to try "kissing me down there" and proceded to lick and suck until I orgasmed.

18. Another favorite sexual experience with my first was involved him setting me on the edge of the bed and he sat on the floor while giving me oral sex.

19. With previous boyfriends I have never been interested in giving oral sex and have never given it until the guy orgasms. However now that I am older I often crave doing it and hope to do it on the next guy I date.

20. I often enjoy sex play with a special hairbrush that i reserve for myself. The ridges on the handle feel so good.

21. I can orgasm in a variety of ways, using my clitoris, G-spot, penetration or a combination.

22. I love having my nipples sucked, especially while my clitoris is being rubbed.

23. I would love to have a guy fuck me while another guy is kissing me or sucking my nipples.

24. My favorite position to masturbate in is laying face down. I always use my middle finger to rub myself.

25. When I have a really good orgasm, my ears feel numb and my eyes water.