Thursday, October 29, 2009

1. The first time I ever made out with a girl was during a drunk night in college. She was in all honesty the "ugly one" in her little clique. We were playing pictionary and she leaned over and bit my thigh. We ended up making out in the bathroom, then proceeded to my room. While telling me that she wouldn't fuck me, she ended up naked on top of my fully clothed self while I fingered her. We were subsequently interrupted before things could progress further by my stoned roommate back from a Grateful Dead concert.

2. The second girl I ever made out with was on the night before my college graduation. She had already dated my roommate and one other friend, and eventually had mercy on me. We didn't fuck, but made out deep into the night to the tune of James Brown's "CD of JB, Vol. 1" on repeat. She was petite and chunky and had the most beautiful large, heavy breasts.

3. The girl from #2 and I had one more experience, when she came to visit me that summer. We were hanging out, and out of the blue she disappeared from the room and returned in a green nightie and white thigh-highs. I went down between her luscious thighs and ate her out for what seemed like forever (my first time...). Her head was hanging over the edge of the bed, and after she could take no more, I helped her sit up and jokingly asked "Where have you been?" "In heaven," she responded, "with all the other girls getting their pussy eaten." We subsequently tried to fuck, but I was so nervous and aroused that I ended up never even penetrating her and came while pumping against her pubic hair. I was ashamed and embarrassed, but she was sweet about it. From this experience came my fetish for both eating pussy and thigh highs.

4. I have a fetish for hosiery. When I was just learning the joys of masturbation, I used to steal my mother's hose and use them to masturbate. I have also tried on my wife's hose (not in her presence) and was incredibly turned on and pleasured myself in front of the mirror while wearing them. I have no desire to cross-dress, but the texture of the hosiery quakes me.

5. While I was separated from my wife last year, I had a fling with a girl that I met on the internet. On the second time we ever hung out, we were watching a horror movie at my house and, out of the blue, she leaned over and nibbled my ear. We started kissing and she ended up straddling my lap topless. I nibbled and sucked her breasts for hours while she writhed against me. She eventually lay down on the couch, where I continued attending to her breasts and lips while also tentatively caressing her crotch outside of her pants. I eventually sought out her clit through the fabric and made her come HARD. She had THE most beautiful breasts I have ever seen in person. They were much more lovely and luscious than my wife's.

6. A week or so later (the time frame escapes me), my fling and I consummated our fling at her house (after much email, chat, and telephone flirting). I ate her out extensively after which she gasped "I want you inside me NOW". I was so dead-set on the pussy eating, that I had to get her to masturbate a bit so I could get hard enough to fuck her. Although the foreplay was incredibly hot, the actual sex was underwhelming, as her vocalizing and sex talk was kind of ludicrous and honestly almost made me laugh during the act. She told me I was the best she had ever had.

7. The night before I broke it off with my fling, I had one-way webcam sex with her. We were chatting, and I started touching myself. At first, she could only watch my face, and she got turned on watching my expressions. I eventually focussed the camera on my cock as I masturbated, while she pleasured herself invisibly to me on the other end. She goaded me on by telling me how she wanted to suck my balls and how she wanted me doggy style. I still wonder if she saved the feed and still watches it.

8. The first time I ever went out with my first serious girlfriend (hereafter known as the ex), we had to drive around for hours past her "curfew" because she had let her best friend borrow her car and we couldn't find her. While we were parked in a parking lot, she sucked my cock to orgasm, and I later fingered her to multiple orgasms as we drove around.

9. The first time I ever saw the ex's breasts, I was disappointed. She was a big girl, which usually means big boobs, but hers were uneven and kind of small and weird looking.

10. I lost my virginity with the ex on the floor in the storeroom of the store where I worked when I was 26. Neither of us had any privacy at home, and, as she was a big girl, we didn't have room in my car to fuck. It was too quick and brought no pleasure to either of us.

11. The best sex I ever had with her was at her grandparents house. While they were in the next room watching TV, she straddled me across the arms of an armchair (she was wearing a flowing "hippy" dress) and fucked me silently. We later went to her bedroom and she rode me for five hours. She came so damn many times; I came once at the end. The bed was drenched in sweat when we were done. I had to sneak out the next morning before her grandparents awoke.

12. When the ex and I were living together, we bought a double-headed strap-on dildo so she could fuck me in the ass and fuck herself as well. Even though sex with her wasn't consistently satisfying (as it is with my wife now), we were a lot more adventurous.

13. Not long before we broke up, I dry-fucked the ex in the ass without her permission while we were in bed. She didn't really resist, but she didn't consent or enjoy it, and told me never to do it again afterward.

14. The girl that I had the biggest crush on in high school never, ever entered my sexual fantasies. She was too ideal, in my mind, and although she was absolutely gorgeous, I don't recall ever thinking about any sex acts with her.

15. I have a streak in me that likes to masturbate in public. I have masturbated in a car driving on the interstate, at a local park while alone, and lying on the deck at night outside of a garage apartment I shared with my ex.

16. I once worked with a girl that turned me on so much that I would occasionally masturbate in the bathroom during break time.

17. Athough my wife and I rarely get to have sex anymore, due to her health issues, she absolutely satisfies and turns me on. Even though we both have a very adventurous streak, straight-forward missionary, doggy, and oral sex with her is sumptuous and is by far the norm for us.

18. I always want my partner to achieve orgasm first. There have been many times that I made my lover come repeatedly, then stopped without gaining any physical pleasure for myself.

19. Even though she had gained a lot of weight over the past couple of years and is a brash and coarse woman, I am still very attracted to my sister-in-law, and have fantasized about a threesome with her and my wife.

20. My wife and I attended a party at the home of a married couple that we were friends with. Until the party, we didn't know they were swingers (at least, I didn't). We lingered and lingered and eventually were the only couple left there with them. My wife and the swinger wife went in the bathroom and popped some pills (don't remember what). The husband was so drunk that he was babbling. The idea was proposed that we "swing" with them. I felt so intimidated and was so averse to the idea of sharing my wife (even though I was incredibly turned on by the swinger wife) that I refused. Years later, after separations and some extramarital flings on both sides during the separation time, I wish we'd fucked them.

21. I once fingered my ex to orgasm standing in front of the stage at a concert at a small club. The song was a transcendent love song that we loved to fuck to. I was standing behind her, and I slid my hand down the front of her jeans and tweaked her clit until she shuddered and sagged back against me. The singer saw us doing it, smiled and nodded at us. When the song was over, he reached out and touched our heads and said "Thank you for your enthusiasm." We later fucked surreptitiously in the back seat of my friend's car during the long drive home.

22. I like it when my wife gnaws on me. Not just bites, but GNAWS. Nothing makes me hornier. She has bruised me to the point that blood leeched through the skin, and I fucking love it.

23. I once had a dream that I was showering with a very effeminate gay man that shopped where I worked. We sucked each other off in the dream. I have never before or after had such a dream, that I recall, and I do not find myself attracted to men in the least.

24. My ex and I once skinny-dipped in broad daylight in the above-ground pool at her grandparents' house. She showed me how she masturbated with the stream from the water intake, and I ate her out at poolside. Her grandfather even came out of the house to check on us while we were fucking in the water, but because of the height of the pool and the fence around it, he couldn't see us.

25. My wife likes to be spanked, strangled and restrained when we fuck. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable to do any of these, but it also turns me on immensely. Go figure.