Thursday, October 29, 2009

1. I lost my virginity at 17 years old, to my first proper boyfriend who I dated for two years. First try was an awkward failure, second time with lube was much better.

2. I'm now 20 and have had sex with six boys.

3. I've gotten sexual with three girls.

4. I've taken part in a drug and alcohol fueled orgy with 7 friends. It tested friendships and relationships too much to be worth it.

5. That orgy led to many other group activitys, mmf, mmff, mmmf and mff.

6. Three out of those four I just couldn't wait to be over.

7. I've so far learned that good sex isn't about skill or experience it's all about chemistry. Mad skills are just a bonus.

8. I love giving head, and I get so much self satisfaction out of successfully swallowing. It makes me laugh when boys worry about cumming in my mouth.

9. I have a big fear of losing my "tightness".

10. But, I have let a boy attempt to fist me.

11. That same night I also had my first anal experience.

12. I really miss that boy, I was so comfortable around him and dripping wet a second after his touch.

13. He discovered that I can squirt.

14. It's like a secret challenge I set for all boys now, to see if they can make me squirt.

15. So far, no luck at all. This boy had amazing magical fingers. Too many boys have a bad habit of just wiggling their finger about in a non-specific or effective area.

16. This boy has really set the bar, making my experiences after him all very boring.

17. I'm becoming more and more attracted to 'beef cakes'. Boys that are a lot bigger then me.

18. Mostly because I find it hard to be on top of a guy with legs smaller then me. Physically difficult. It also makes me feel bad about myself.

19. I'm fairly submissive. I don't mind being roughed about a bit. I can't stand politeness when it comes to sex.

20. Saying "I want to do you" and "can we do it" is a MASSIVE turn off for me. I'm not 14 years old. I want to be fucked.

21. I love sex toys! I don't have many myself, but I have a big wish list.

22. I love the idea of nude photography and hope to try it out one day when my body is more toned.

23. I love porn and wish I didn't live at home with my parents so I could watch it more often.

24. Writing this list was harder then I thought it would be.

25. I'm really excited about what kind of list I would be able to write ten or so years from now.