Thursday, November 19, 2009

1. I lost my virginity at 14 years old to my then longtime boyfriend. I could not wait to give it to him. But after I did, he told everyone, and then I told all those people he had a little dick (it was true, by the way).

2. At 15 I set my eyes on this cute 20 year guy in my neighborhood and he absolutely ignored me for a few months until one cold February, and we had sex in my bedroom with my friends in the living room.

3. The guy in #2 taught me how to cum while riding on top. He was the first to lick my vagina and I loved it. Until I met him I did not know that sex could be so great (I thought I was in love). For the rest of my HS years we had sex in my house at least three times a week. It was his personal goal that I knew everything about sex.

4. I never quite figured out what love is (even at 34 now), but I know great sex.

5. During high school not only did I do #2 Guy, I did like 4-5 other guys in the neighborhood and at my high school. I just could not get enough. But no one compared to #2.

6. I did not perform oral sex until I was 23 years old, and that was only to keep my then-boyfriend from leaving because he caught me cheating.

7. I had sex with at least two people on a dare. One was to confirm if a dude was gay and one was just because. Both were whack and a waste of time but I won the bet.

8. One time in college I came home with this fine Hispanic guy and during our drunken sex he slammed his penis into my butt... I walked around for a week squeezing my butt cheeks closed. Anal is not for me.

9. I am now 34 years old and never been married, never been pregnant, never had an STD and never done anal (except for the accident).

10. I have had sex with (at last count) 34 men. I am not proud of it but it is what it is.

11. I can name all 34 of them (and probably locate them).

12. At 30 I remembered being sexually abused by an uncle on a random trip to SC, where someone said "hey meet your uncle so and so." I was like "you abused me," and walked off.

13. As much sex as I have had I have never been with a woman, although I am curious.

14. At 23 I found Jesus and was celibate for 5 years. At 28 I had had enough and wanted to have some sex. So I did!

15. My motto is: less than 8 inches, we can’t negotiate.

16. I love to masturbate; I have been doing it since I was 11 years old. I used to use the battery holder from one of my toys to rub myself with and orgasm.

17. As I type this message I am ready to have an orgasm. Just talking about sex turns me on.

18. Nothing pisses me off more than a man with a dick he does not know how to work. Except a man with a small one that can't get it up.

19. The only man that can make me cum all night long is best friends with #2. He lived across the hall from me my whole life. And now he is the only man I look forward to having sex with. He is currently unavoidably detained.

20. I secretly would love to do FFM & MMF group sex. Or attend one of those crazy sex parties they show on "Real Sex."

21. Although I am intrigued by the female form I just don't think I could give oral sex to one.

22. I am afraid that I have had so much sex that I will not be able to bond with my husband if he is only an average lover.

23. I sometime get so turned on with myself when I am getting dressed that I have to pull out my vibrator and handle my business before I go to work.

24. #2 is the only man that can make me cum over the phone.

25. I really miss having sex with #2.