Thursday, November 19, 2009

1. I lost my virginity at 14 to a small dick boy who didn't bust my cherry. I sucked his dick before he "took" my virginity.

2. The second guy I had sex with had a big dick and busted my cherry. I fucked him off and on from 15 to 22. I would fuck him today if I saw him.

3. I started masturbating when I was about 12 years old. I had my first squirt cum by myself laying on my bed room floor playing with my clit. I masturbate almost every morning--it's like my cup of coffee. I can make myself nut in seconds flat.

4. All my sexual partners add up to three digits easily. When I did make my list, I had to divide them by state, college, and race to try to remember all the men I had.

5. I used to like one night stands. No names, no numbers, just sex.

6. I have the best three kisses, sex partners, and biggest dicks list in my mind.

7. I don't think people were meant to be monogamous. Only thing better than dick, in my mind, is new dick.

8. Every relationship I had ended because I cheated. Most of them took me back.

9. I have been with a woman, and it sucks.

10. I had a threesome with two of my good male friends. They were both in me at the same time and I think that is the best sexual feeling. I use toys with my husband for the same sensation.

11. I have the sexual mentality of a man sometimes. Most of the men I fucked it was because they were fuckable in my mind, and I wanted them.

12. I don't like foreplay or oral (on me) sex, I would much rather give oral sex. It makes me feel good when I see the look in his eyes when he is in my mouth. I think I give good oral sex.

13. I have rape and gang-bang sexual fantasies. It's what I use for play material when I fuck myself in the morning.

14. The best lover I ever had was when I was 16 and he was 26. He taught me to not be ashamed of my sexuality and we fucked all the time. I still remember his touch vividly.

15. I have always been comfortable with my sexuality and I am always willing to explore it.

16. I love kissing. I could kiss my first love for hours. I like to suck lips and lick them also.

17. I love fucking brown-skinned men with big dicks. I have no racial preference but black bald men turn me on more than anything.

18. I like sex in water: the rain, shower, hot tub. I cum hard in the water.

19. I have had sex in public parks during the day with people not far from us. I loved the rush.

20. I like to be submissive during sex, I want to be told what to do, and I like it rough. I like being tied up and being in total submission for the other's pleasure.

21. One of the best sexual moments of my life was with my husband. We fought bad one night. then went back to his place and took it out sexually. The next morning his bed was halfway across the room, we had been fucking so hard.

22. I cum in my sleep if I haven't been fucked in a long time.

23. I love the curve or bend in a penis.

24. My favorite position is doggie. I like to have my hair pulled like reins and my ass slapped.

25. This list made me think a lot and wasn't easy for me. When I was taking a break, I fucked myself.