Sunday, January 24, 2010

1.) Male, not straight, not into guys. Which may seem like three things, but other sexualities get one word like "Gay" or "Bi" or "Straight". My word hasn't been made up yet. I haven't found one I identify with that is commonly understood.

2.) I show up on gaydar. I have been hit on by more men in my time then women. No trans people yet.

3.) When I was young I used to fantasize about women, but thought I was gay because I was never attracted to any in real life.

4.) I recently realize I am not attracted to straight women. Which explains #3.

5.) I lost my virginity at 24, to my first girlfriend.

6.) I let her sleep with another guy after we were together for 6 months. It went well and was a liberating experience for me.

7.) She started a relationship without asking first, thereby cheating. We broke up soon after. Which was traumatic. She managed to cheat on someone who is OK with all kinds of relationships. Which is kind of an achievement really. Vowed that I would never ever cheat on anyone because of that.

8.) Had my first threesome with my second girlfriend and a mutual friend. MFM.

9.) He is bi and I really gave myself permission to do whatever I wanted to him... Realized I didn't want to do anything to him. He was extremely nice about the whole thing.

10.) I did kiss him... It was awkward. But made her hot.

11.) Met my future wife and fell in love, lust and partnership.

12.) Broke up with second girlfriend and promised to stay friends. The break up went well... Then I was a terrible friend to her while focusing too heavily on the new girl. Which kind of violated the spirit, although not the wording, of the vow from # 7.

13.) Thought future wife was straight and I would have to be monogamous. Sad boy. :(

14.) We were together for a year when she asked if she could date another guy. Ecstatic boy! So relieved.

15.) After being married for a year I met my fourth girlfriend.

16.) Fourth girlfriend has PSAS, and is amazing in bed.

17.) We date for a couple of months and she starts getting jealous and we realize that she is not cut out to be an "Other Significant Other." There are many things that she deserves in a relationship that I can't give her, and it hurts both of us. So we decide to break things off.

18.) During this time my wife starts seriously dating her boyfriend. Who is an awesome guy, and a great friend.

19.) My wife is terrific and understanding and my emotional rock during the breakup.

20.) Realized that the relationship between your partners is critical. My wife and girlfriend didn't have much of a relationship, but did respect each other. Things would have gone better if they had established more of a connection.

21.) Discovered that you can be totally in love with your wife, and depressed and sad that you have broken up with your girlfriend at the same time.

22.) Discovered that dancing with both of them at the same nightclub can be really fun, but can also have emotional consequences.

23.) Dating while married is so much easier, emotionally, than dating while single. See #19.

24.) Still wish I had a girlfriend, miss her terribly. Realized that triad is my natural and preferred state. Which may not be fair to my wife, as when we married that wasn't really the plan. But people grow and change over time, and it is not a threat to my happy marriage, yet.

25.) They say that the average member of the population tends to have the same number of lovers before marriage as they do after marriage. I think that I will skew that statistic a bit over the course of my lifetime. Here's hoping!