Saturday, February 12, 2011

1. I am a 35-year-old, happily married, mother of one teenage girl who is secretly experimenting with other girls. I do not have a clue how to broach the subject with her to let her know that I care enough to want to know, but I don't care in the way to judge her for it, I just want her to be happy and healthy, including sexually.

2. I was only monogamous in my marriage for about a year; it was hubby's suggestion, but I had many more extramarital opportunities than he did for about a decade. Now, 16 years later, I'm dating another man while remaining married, and have an occasional liaison on the side. Everyone involved knows about the others, and all but one of the partners I've had still stays in touch with me regularly, or at least as regularly as they normally had before sex was added to our friendships. This is a fact that I'm proud of.

3. I have not told my daughter of our lifestyle choice, because a) it's not her business, and b) I did not want to deal with the possibility it would make her upset. Her father favors telling her now, I don't know that giving her that while she's definitely feeling out who she is sexually is a good mix for her to deal with.

4. I definitely have a kink for having sex with someone that is desperate. Many of the fantasies online I've taken part in have involved men that are in sexless or near-sexless marriages with wives that seem to have no idea how good they could feel if they'd just participate in the act. Of course I know there's always another side to this story, but if sex isn't happening, and he's willing, there's definitely something wrong going on in her decision making. But I get very turned on by being what they want, not because it's taboo, or because they are desperate, but because I find the release they get from it exciting. I like being their outlet, for lack of a better word, not just for the obvious but usually for their intimacy and general acceptance.

5. I have never actually seen porn that I like, probably because it's too explicit, and my imagination doesn't require seeing tab A sliding into slot B in order to get warm fuzzy feelings. Also, 1970's music and delivery guys do not get me hot. I will amend this: I haven't seen any that I like because it gets me all hot and bothered. However, some sex scenes in mainstream movies do get me hot, usually because they do make me get warm fuzzy feelings.

6. I can watch some porn and get ideas about what I'd like to do or how to accomplish something I would like to do but couldn't figure out the logistics for. For example, I love the idea of being fucked, and having another guy licking my clit, which, yes, does pose a possibility that his tongue could touch the male fucking me in some way, even possibly his dick/balls. So finding some porn that at least gave a good angle for the fucking to happen so that a third person could get to my clit was nice to find, since none of the men I'm with are interested in other men.

7. I love to fantasize about a lot of things that I do not in any way want to really do. I would like the pleasure from the act, sure, but the consequences are not worth it. For example, I love the idea of really seducing someone that I've known for a long time, has a thing for me, but does not act on it because he's in a committed relationship. I do not want to ruin his life, I just want to know the pleasure of having the power to seduce a man that I do believe IS committed. Also, I love the idea of having multiple men come on and in me everywhere, and having it licked off, but obviously exposing myself and every one else to that much bodily fluids could be dangerous, especially considering the group of men I'd feel comfortable with joining in.

8. I've never had a one-night stand or been interested in having sex with someone I just met. Nor do I want to have sex without ever knowing someone's name.

9. I do not know how I would react if I was in a threesome with two other men that decided to enjoy each other. I'd like to think I could enjoy it at least on the level that I was happy for them, but I fear I'd feel awkward, possibly just because then I'd be left out.

10. I am horrible with spontaneity, which means if I ask my partner to do something I've probably thought it over for weeks in my head first, so if I hear a no, it's kind of a letdown. But what's worse is hearing a yes, and then watching as opportunity after opportunity is passed by because in the moment I'm not able to form words to give directions and the partner I'm with is forgetful and just enjoying whatever in the moment as well and I never get to have what I've specifically asked for until I'm too frustrated to want it anymore.

11. Sometimes I find myself just wanting to be wanted in the same way I want sex, and having to tell someone to do what I want takes away all the fun. I see that as a really bad issue of my own, and I don't take out my feelings on others, but I can't stop wanting that sometimes. (Which makes #10 even worse when I do give the specifics and still can't get what I want.)

12. My husband's penis is shorter than some I've had, but it has a very bulbous head. My boyfriend's penis is larger, shaped differently and uncircumcised. I've had bigger penises and smaller, and I've had lovers that were more and less attentive. I don't know which one I liked more, because I have different sexual tastes sometimes, and I do not always want to need to come to feel like it was "good sex." I am very happy to have the memories of all of them.

13. I have a very hard time making myself come without a lot of mental stimulation from someone else, usually in the form of telling me how much they want me specifically. If they send me pictures, showing me how hard they are, or how much they came for me, then I can get hot from that. So I have usually played more online than actually masturbating.

14. I love to suck cock. I love pre-come. I love the throbbing. I love the way it feels against my lips and tongue. I like to suck until the man is almost at climax and slow down and do that several times before I let them come, because I want to feel all of it for longer than they can stand me doing it for.

15. I like to be eaten out, but I refuse to demand it. If you like doing it, then great, please do and if you seem to do it fairly often and then stop I'll suggest that it's time, but if you rarely do so, and years go by without it being something you had a desire to do to me, I'm not going to ask you for it, even if I do want it, because it just feels awful.

16. I like having the option to use men I'm with like sex objects with their approval and consent. However, I only like doing so because I know the person they are very well, and I know their backgrounds and all the things that make them a whole real person attached to the cock, hands and tongue that I'm taking advantage of, and that is what makes using them as sex toys for my amusement fun. They are more than that, but I can still do what I want. And I know it gets them off so well.

17. I love pleasing my partner. I'm very submissive mentally, but I can be very aggressive in bed. I like it most, I think, when the control flip-flops throughout the encounter, or it's shared for some part of the time as well. I like to switch positions often.

18. I love teasing my partner, finding what he wants most and dangling it just in front of him and keeping him from it, until he just can't take it any more. And the best reward would be for him to 'snap' and grab me and fuck me senseless regardless of what he was supposed to do because he was just delirious with lust.

19. My biggest insecurity is for the man that I'm with to be getting off because of someone or something else besides me. So I can't bring myself to have sex while someone else watches porn. However, because I'm sensible I have offered to give a blowjob while he watches the porn. Because I think I can find enjoyment there for myself, without feeling the inadequacy that the full-on experience causes me.

20. I have had one ongoing female sexual fantasy. It started suddenly with someone I knew online, and then ended abruptly, and it was very enjoyable, but I can't explain why I enjoyed it or that I find any female sexually attractive. None of my usual traits I look for when attracted to men applied. She didn't make me laugh, I didn't find her particularly intelligent, and she wasn't really even nice. She just sort of grabbed me and started playing with my body. And I enjoyed it.

21. I have had one female "partner," but the only shared activity is that she has sucked on my tits. I was with her boyfriend, she was with mine, all on the same bed, but I don't have any desire to return the favor, so I had a hard time just allowing her to do to my body what she desired, because it seemed unfair.

22. I have awesome tits, a great smile, and I like my curves. However, I'm a bit self conscious about the stretch marks from having a baby and weight gain afterward. But I do not allow that to stop me from showing off what I want to show off when I want to.

23. I have never had a problem having sex with my husband, even going back to when we were just dating, while I was on my period. The first time, I of course warned him off; he didn't care and I didn't see a reason why I should either. Now I still feel kind of gross and disgusting, and I'm in more pain now that I'm older than I once was, so I have not given the boyfriend the same go-ahead. I don't for some reason feel as comfortable, despite him never giving me any reason to feel uncomfortable. In fact, he's offered to do whatever I wanted to.

24. I have the sex drive of about 2.5 average men. I want to have sex about 3 times a day. When I get up, when I get home from the workday, and again when I go to sleep. I don't always have the energy to work the male up into a frenzy for it and do things that I want to do, so I rarely get it at least once a day, but every other day instead. I'll deal with that, but I find myself trying to work out how to get more sex.

25. I try to challenge my sexuality, so that I can honestly say to myself I like something because I really like it, or I don't like something because I don't really like it. I don't want to like or not like something simply because society or someone else told me I should or shouldn't. Sometimes I find myself wishing I could like something to please my partner. But obviously no matter how open-minded I am, I can't force my body to take pleasure where there is none, and I need to find a way to accept that, the same as I accept what other people like and dislike as OK too.