Monday, May 23, 2011

1) I am a 20-year-old queer woman.

2) I used to identify as bisexual but I used to get so much shit for it so I identify as queer.

3) I'm genderqueer as well, but I've never bound my breasts. I desperately want to.

4) I am a polyamorous person; however, if the right person came along I would settle into monogamy.

5) I've never had sex with a man, but I am attracted to them.

6) I am very kinky. I love BDSM and generally tend to be the dom, though I am masochistic. I do enjoy being the sub from time to time. When I get piercings and tattoos, I get slightly aroused.

7) I have a list of places I'd like to have sex.

8) I went to my first gay pride festival this year. It was in NYC.

9) My favorite actress is queer and that really helped me accept myself.

10) I grew up in a place that was very homophobic, as a result, I suppressed my desire for women and it made severely depressed and suicidal.

11) I love to have music playing when I make love to someone.

12) Sexting is one of my favorite things.

13) I have penis envy.

14) My first kiss wasn't until I was 18.

15) I've only kissed five people and they've all been within the same year. All have said I'm the best kisser they've had.

16) I've only had sex with one person.

17) I used to be ashamed of masturbating. I thought it was wrong, and I felt so bad afterward that I stopped doing it for several years. Now, I like to get off at least once a week.

18) I am a feminist as well.

19) I want to fuck Kathryn Erbe and Mariska Hargitay. Simultaneously.

20) The sound of a woman coming arouses me so much. There are certain actresses' "orgasms" that I have saved on my computer.

21) Visual stimulation (pornography) never ever gave me satisfying orgasms, so I stopped watching it. In fact, it has started to disgust me. I'd rather read erotica.

22) I prefer women's bodies to men's, but I ache to have a penis inside me. I'm a petite woman, so it fills me better. However, men don't have the beautiful collar bones, breasts, pussies... Each is beautiful in a different way.

23) I'm terrified of tasting/smelling bad, so I compulsively eat fruits and drink a lot of cranberry juice.

24) As a teen I used to "roleplay" my favorite television characters. They had sex a lot.

25) I love to bite. I'm a huge biter.