Thursday, May 26, 2011

1) I am a 21-year-old female, and I tell others that I am either heterosexual or bisexual, depending on who it is. I don't feel like I fit either category, though, because I'm not completely hetero (since I get turned on by women and lesbian porn) and I hate the term bisexual. There are too many stereotypes about the term bisexual and those labeled as such, and since I've never actually done anything with a woman, I feel like I can't claim that title for myself.

2) I only recently realized that the feelings I have towards women are more than just thinking they are pretty. I accept it, but I know others don't, and I hate that. It's a war within my brain more often than not. I think it's unhealthy. But since I don't know which community I fit it (LGBT vs het), it's hard to find solace.

3) I am wet almost all day long.

4) I've slept with two people, and both have been monogamous-in-love relationships. I am worried I can't have sex any other way than with messy emotions and love.

5) I think penises are ugly, but I love to get fucked by them.

6) I only recently found masturbation. Previous to these last six months or so, I thought masturbation was stupid (sex is better, after all) and that I couldn't like it--since, hey, I'm touching myself. It's pretty fab though, and I'm glad I re-found my body.

7) I love to be eaten out. When I get fingered at the same time it's like rockets in my brain.

8) I am disgusted by anal play of any kind, yet I hear it feels so amazing that I kind of want to try it.

9) I worry about my body during sex so much that sometimes I'm not actually enjoying sex and foreplay like I should. I'm with a new person though who I hope will become my partner, because he makes me feel sexy and I think I could enjoy sex more.

10) I read a lot of erotica. It's so fucking hot! Especially gay erotica.

11) My first experiences with sex sucked. I was with him for two years and that entire time I never orgasmed.

12) My first orgasm was with my second partner at age 20.

13) I never knew what a clit was (or that I even had one!) until my third year in college.

14) I like to be dominated. Push me around, tie me up, blindfold me, handcuff me, flog me... Definitely sexy!

15) I also like to dominate. I don't know which I find more erotic.

16) I bite and scratch. A lot.

17) I'm tired of having to deal with issues of consent. I wish people knew what it meant, how to ask, and how to appreciate what it is I am giving them without needing so much more.

18) I've never had sex drunk, but I think it'd be incredible since I'm more open when intoxicated.

19) Being high and having sex is fabulous. I've done it once and I have never been hornier or had every touch feel so great.

20) I don't have to have sex to feel good. I like kissing, touching, being naked. These things feel so great and people forget that there is more to sexuality that just sex (anal, vaginal, oral, whatever).

21) My one fantasy is that my partner dress up like either Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy and play out a scene from one of the movies.

22) My first female crush was on my best friend of eight years. She doesn't know and I don't plan on telling her.

23) My other best friend of seven years knows that I would live with her in an open asexual relationship for the rest of my life and be happy.

24) I never want to be a part of a threesome. I find them demeaning and not at all sexy fun for everyone.

25) Waiting to have sex with the person I'm sort of dating is excruciating, but I know the build-up is worth it.