Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1.I got hired as a dominatrix once but failed ever having any customers.

2.I'm submissive.

3.When my first boyfriend admitted to cheating on me it really turned me on and I realized I was not monogamous.

4.I had my first threesome with my best friend and her ex. We were about 18 years old and it was the most gentle and loving experience.

5.Unfortunately, I haven't had group sex in years.

6.I had my first unintentional orgasm when I was 11 while playing with my pet bird, a budgie.

7.Most of my early masturbation fantasies were rape scenes as part of religious rituals, sometimes including large furry beasts.

8.I like to imagine kissing someone for the first time.

9.I would like to have oral and anal sex before having ever kissed that someone.

10.I love piercings, and the process of getting pierced. I am terrified before it happens with cold sweat of panic. During the actual piercing, I scream. Then, I get an instant rush and stay high
for the rest of the day.

11.I prefer piercings for reasons of sex rather than body decoration. Facial piercings don't interest me. I recently got my tongue pierced because I ran out of space elsewhere.

12.I love any kind of consensual bdsm.

13.I am big time into committed relationships.

14.I worked at a sex shop for quite a while and got a very good discount. It kept my friends really relaxed. I must say though, the vibrator orgasm is not my favorite.

15.I do regard lube an essential of any good household and I am particularly fond of light, silicone based lube.

16.There's too much taboo around sex toys for men.

17.My most romantic shopping date was for a flogger. We bought it with my uncle's wedding money.

18.It's also fun to go on a date and declare a normal shop your sex shop.

19.I may get a bit bored by receiving oral sex, but love giving it.

20.Growing up, sex was never talked about in my family, neither in the open nor in the repressed way. That's why sex was one of the possibilities of finding and expressing my own identity.

21.I keep being surprised by how prude artists are.

22.Eyeball licking is so strange!

23.I once came by licking toes in Greece.

24.Clearly, geeks are the best lovers.

25.Animals are very sexy, very, but I do keep it a fantasy, I promise.