Sunday, May 24, 2009

1. I lost my virginity to my long-term boyfriend when I was 18. He cooked me dinner. I made him wait until House was over, a fact I now find hilarious.

2. He was not a good lover. He was selfish, had the longest refractory period ever, and figured that when he was done, we were done, regardless of whether or not I had orgasmed.

3. After we broke up, I met an amazing guy from out of town. We were only able to be together for three weeks, but during that span we used up an economy sized box of condoms, had to get emergency contraception at midnight, and broke a hotel bed. It was amazing sex – he would never stop touching me, before and after he came. I fell a little in love with him. He left and ended up being kind of a jackass, but I will always be grateful to him for showing me what good sex is.

4. I love oral, both giving and receiving. Giving, I like the reaction I can evoke and the way I can concentrate. As for receiving, well, a guy with a good tongue will have me screaming and shaking and clawing the walls. I completely lose control. There's also the mental aspect – I find it so amazingly hot when someone so completely devotes themselves to my pleasure.

5. Despite my love of it, I really don't like 69ing. I can't focus properly on my partner because their tongue distracts me, but I can't focus on feeling them because I'm trying to focus on the dick in my mouth. I'd rather we each take our time on each other, no need to multi-task like that.

6. I had my first orgasm when I was about 11 or 12 on the bathroom floor with my mom's “massager.” Since then, I have masturbated regularly.

7. I have never gotten myself off with my hand alone. Nor has anyone else.

8. I have a huge teacher fetish. I want to be bent over a desk for extra credit. My advisor and frequent professor is very attractive, I can't tell you the number of fantasies I've had about him.

9. My current friend with benefits is my ex-lab teacher. That was definitely part of the attraction.

10. He's also some of the best sex I've ever had. I lose count of how many times I come when we have sex.

11. For a long time, I thought I smelled or tasted hideous because of my ex's aversion to oral. My subsequent partners seemed to have the same aversion – one guy went down for literally 10 seconds before coming back up. It wasn't until my current FWB (who goes down on me frequently and with gusto) that I've been able to accept the problem was with them, not me.

12. Personally, I love how I taste. I lick my toys after use, and I love kissing guys and tasting myself on them.

13. I seem to have a thing for beards. Most of the guys I've slept with have had beards, but it never seems to be a conscious choice. My dad has a beard, and sometimes I wonder if it's some unconscious Electra complex.

14. I've faked a lot of orgasms.

15. I consider my sexuality to be “whatever” - I've slept with one girl and it was all right. I'd do it again. I feel like I'm still looking for the right girl to really explore that side of me.

16. I've had two threesomes (MFF), and found both of them lacking. They were both with couples who finished with each other, so I ended up feeling left out. I want to try a MMF threesome.

17. I feel like I have the hormones of a teenage boy. Every guy I've slept with more than once has made some joke about it. My response is that I have multiple orgasms, a high libido, and no refractory period – of COURSE I want sex all the time.

18. I've recently gotten into watching watersports porn. I would like to explore it someday, but am too self-conscious to bring it up.

19. I used to hate being on top. I could never figure out what to do. Then one time (with the guy from 3), it was like a light bulb went off. I figured out how to move right and hit all the right places. Now it's my favorite position.

20. I love biting and being bitten. I like seeing my lover marked with scratches and hickeys after sex, and love having the same marks on myself.

21. I used to be really quiet. Now I'm a screamer. I wish guys were louder.

22. One of my hottest moments ever was when my FWB was over at my house (I live at home). We were hanging out in my room while everyone was downstairs, and he just pulled off my jeans and went down on me. I had to muffle myself with a pillow. The excitement of being caught (my door was still open), the unexpectedness, and the selflessness of it were all just very sexy to me.

23. My sluttiest moment was a night when I went out with a guy, fooled around in a church parking lot with him, then went and had a threesome with a couple while a gay guy was in the room playing The Sims. I regret that night – I wasn't drunk or under the influence, simply a little stupid and lonely.

24. I've had sex with a guy while his girlfriend watched us on webcam.

25. Since losing my virginity, I haven't gone more than a month without sex.