Thursday, May 28, 2009

1. I am 22 and still a virgin. I am now proud of that fact. But when I was a teenager, I was ashamed and if anyone asked me in school if I was a virgin, I'd say no.

2. I've never had a guy go down on me. I fantasize about it a lot though. Almost more than actual intercourse.

3. I've given oral sex to 2 guys, and hand jobs to 5.

4. I saw my first penis in a porn magazine when I was 14 while I was snooping through my friends bathroom and found their dad's porn collection.

5. I consider myself a very sexual person and believe I will be great in bed. Even though I've never had sex.

6. I had my first orgasm when I was 15. I was washing myself in the shower and almost had one, but it was so intense I had to stop. But a couple of days later I was in bed, and I just kept doing it and the orgasm was AMAZING.

7. I consider myself dom and sub. Sometimes the thought of just tying my man up and having my way turns me on so much. And other times the thought of a man tying me up and having his way turns me on as well.

8. I love biting and leaving a mark. Knowing I marked that person for everyone to see is a major turn on.

9. I have a fetish for virgins. The thought of a woman being with a man for the first time is a total turn on for me.

10. When I was 13 me and my best friend played with each other "down there." That was my first sexual experience.

11. I've had sex with one girl. Going down on her and fingering. But I still consider myself a virgin.

12. I was molested by my stepfather and often wonder if that's the reason why I like older men... and the "give it to me harder daddy" role-playing thing comes in...

13. I am a complete tease on line. I make sexy videos and photos for others to enjoy. But in real life I am conservative. I don't show a lot of skin, or anything of that nature.

14. I love looking at the female body nude. All the curves are so beautiful. But I only like looking at a man nude if he is in really good shape. But I love men and woman.

15. I was with a boyfriend of 3 years and never had sex with him. He didn't like giving oral so all we basically did was he would finger me and I would give him head. He ended up cheating on me because I wouldn't give up my virginity to him. I didn't simply because it didn't feel right. I still do not regret not giving it up to him.

16. I came really close to losing my virginity to my first boyfriend when I was 16. He was coming over and we planned on doing it in the church van parked in my yard. His car quit and he couldn't make it. I still thank God to this day that I didn't sleep with him.

17. I hate it when guys see me and flirt with me and act like I'm going to sleep with them simply because I have big breasts and I'm fairly attractive. Men can't seem to understand simply because someone is pretty and/or has big breasts doesn't mean they are going to sleep with you.

18. I can't have a orgasm vaginally. I've used dildos and vibrators and still no luck. But when I use a vibe on my clit I can cum at 3 times.

19. I remember the feeling of being touched for the very first time when I was 16. The feeling was so amazing. I often wonder if I will ever experience that feeling again.

20. I often fantasize of dressing up in something dominatrix like, putting my boyfriend on a leash and taking him to a fetish club. Just showing everyone I own him makes me feel powerful and turned on.

21. The thought of being a prostitute disgusts me. But if I could work in a brothel just dominating men and not having to have sex with them, I would totally do it.

22. I came very close to getting raped when I was 17, and have had a fear of it ever sense. But I also have a fantasy of a boyfriend coming into my room and holding me down, and doing what he wishes. I often wonder if my past experience is the reason why I have this fantasy.

23. Most of all my friends have kids, and no husbands/boyfriends. It's shameful, but that makes me feel like I'm better than them in a small way. That I didn't have sex when I was so tempted to.

24. I like being innocent and pure, and yet sexy at the same time. I wonder when I have sex, will I still feel as sexy as I do now when I'm alone or with a significant other.

25. I only masturbate 1-2 times a week. Sometimes less. But I think about sex a lot, and everyday. I get aroused every day as well. I've gone as long as 3 weeks without masturbating.... but I know when I start having sex I will want it at least 3-4 times a week. Maybe more.