Thursday, May 28, 2009

1. I have had 2 threesomes of the mfm variety and a mfmf. If you count having two women consecutively in the same bed then I have had a fmf but I don't count it.

2. I am immensely intrigued and turned on at the idea of opening our bedroom to other men, women, and couples.

3. I masturbate 4-5 times a week whether I am getting sex or not.

4. I went to a swinger bar in Las Vegas once and ended up fucking a woman in front of her husband. It was pretty creepy though because he seemed to be playing the part of the Director of the show and not at all focused on her pleasure. It made it hard for me to concentrate and enjoy her.

5. I also had sex with another woman one night for nearly 12 hours on and off (no pun intended) while taking turns with her husband. It was probably the most incredibly intense sex I have ever had.

6. When I was in college and my then girlfriend and now wife and I first started having sex, we had sex 5 times a day. We came to the point of not being able to any longer and I miss those days but realize they weren't practical.

7. The more sex I get the more I want, which terribly frustrates my wife, who assumes that since we just had sex I should be wanting for nothing, and for me it means I am wanting for her again.

8. I don't know what I would do if my wife did acquiesce to my idea of having a threesome or foursome. I think it would scare me but I think I'd do it it with no regrets.

9. I have always worried about the size of my equipment. This stems from years ago when my gf cheated on me and gave me a curable STD. When I confronted her about being so stupid about having unprotected sex she said she did use condoms all six times and they broke all 6 times because the guy was really large. The funny thing is that I have no worries about my size with other women and have never had any complaints. That gf incident happened 20 years ago.

10. I am a voyeur and exhibitionist to the hilt. I'd love to put a pen based camera in my bedroom and home and watch my wife masturbate because she won't do it in front of me. I wish she would be open with me and the fact that she isn't bugs me some days.

11. I have a friend who adores giving oral sex and wants nothing in return--in fact bars me from returning any of the favor. Once every couple of months I go by her house, have a couple of drinks with her, and then ask her to suck me. She does, we have another drink and then I go home.

12. When I am in public places I almost always fantasize about the women I see and wonder about them sexually.

13. I masturbated the first time in the bathtub. I found out about masturbation accidentally and I never looked back.

14. There are women to this day that I know I can exploit because they always have had crushes on me. I used that information to have sex with them but then feel really guilty afterwards.

15. My wife knows almost better than I do the type of women I like and dislike. I never need to explain someone as hot or not to her because she already knows.

16. We use toys with sex but never unless I get them out and use them with her. Also, I bought every last one of them.

17. I don't get blow jobs anymore unless I come right out and ask for them. Then it is never too completion.

18. We used to have sex while she was having her period but no more. I'd do it but she really isn't interested--I guess I don't push the issue because maybe I don't care.

19. I have a serious conflict in that my wife makes me very angry because she makes zero effort to create and maintain a sex life. I do it all.

20. I think I am pretty bizarre in my sexual tastes compared to my friends.

21. I wonder if I were run over by a bus tomorrow would people find all the pictures, correspondence, etc. that I have amassed on my "dark side," and if they did would they destroy them or would they become an embarrassment.

22. If I knew I could have a zero percent chance of getting caught I would maintain a fuck buddy with no intention of her changing her marital status and no intention of me changing mine.

23. I'd love to host an "Eyes Wide Shut" party sometime. It would never happen but it sounds like so much fun if the guest list were carefully selected.

24. I would love to sit down with my wife and hear every last one of the sexual escapades she remembers.

25. I feel a little better having unloaded these bits. There is nobody else in the world that knows this sort of stuff about me.