Sunday, June 14, 2009

1) The first time I ever had sex was with my boyfriend at the time. It was also his first time. I was 16. We only ever had sex once and it was terrible. I didn't orgasm.

2) I've had sex with four guys in the past three years. I did it once with the first, five times with the second, once with the third, and I've lost count with the fourth and current.

3) I still considered myself a virgin after that and I never told anyone that I had had sex. I wasn't proud of losing my "v card."

4) I really wanted to try having sex with someone more experienced than my first. I told myself that I would never have sex with another virgin, but I did once after that (guy three).

5) Guy three was the first one to ever go down on me. It made up for the lack of sex and was ultimately better than sex in the end.

6) He used to force me to go down on him in return. I hated it and to this day I hate giving blow jobs.

7) My current boyfriend is wonderful in just about every way. He is awesome in bed and would rather have sex than have me give him oral.

8) I lost my virginity to him more than to any other guy. He is the first that I actually care for.

9) We have had sex almost every day since we started doing it.

10) I orgasm from the penetration alone about 30% of the time. Most of the time I don't mind, but sometimes after he finishes, I'll ask him to get me off manually.

11) He isn't that great at oral, but it doesn't bother me.

12) The first time we had sex was in the back seat of my car just before midnight.

13) Since then we have done it in a bed, but the car is still the best for both of us.

14) We tried in the shower, but it didn't work well because of the height difference. We showered together and then had sex in a bed.

15) I would like to try different positions, but I'm not sure how to ask. It usually doesn't hit me that I could have asked until after anyway.

16) We almost did it in the drive-in, but he wasn't comfortable with the possibility of someone watching. I don't think I would mind if anyone saw.

17) I don't fantasize very much and I find it hard to masturbate without porn.

18) I used to masturbate everyday, but now I don't feel any need to.

19) I prefer reading to watching any form of erotica usually, but if I need to make a quick job of it, watching does a better job.

20) I am very submissive, but my boyfriend isn't specifically dominant. He's working at being more dom for me and I think he's doing a good job.

21) I sometimes think I would enjoy being tied up, but I don't get turned on thinking about, reading, or watching it.

22) I've never really wanted to role play, but sometimes a rape scene will turn me on. I don't know how he would react to it if I asked for it and I don't really know if I would like it happening to me.

23) I really would like to experience as much as I can sexually and I'm glad that my boyfriend is up to it as well. We did two things that we had both been wanting to try (car and shower) within a week or two.

24) I would like to try sex while drinking. I wouldn't want either of us to be drunk, but maybe tipsy. I've heard so many different things about it that I would like to know for myself.

25) I'm excited for college in the fall. It will allow for so much more than living at home in the summer does.